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Capital accord or capital discord?

March 6, 2006

Preparations for the new capital accord trundle on but there are growing fears among bankers and their supervisors that its inconsistent implementation around the world will cause problems. 

Sudden philanthropy

February 6, 2006

Industry watchers are puzzled by MasterCard’s unusual 18% voting rights allocation to a charitable foundation. Wendy Atkins reports.

Day of the MiFIDs II

February 6, 2006

We’ve seen the scary trailers for MiFID (known to equity traders as ‘Day of the MiFIDs’ after the 1960s sci-fi movie). But are we ready for the sequel, which will target bond and derivatives markets?Michael Imeson investigates.

A directive with teeth

January 2, 2006

When the Payment Services Directive begins to bite, Italians will open bank accounts in The Netherlands to avoid high charges and banks will lose a fortune. Chris Skinner examines the true nature of its teeth.

Foiling the till raiders

January 2, 2006

Staff are the major perpetrators of fraud on companies. Michael Imeson outlines the importance of sound operational risk policies and procedures in preventing, detecting and investigating internal fraud.

A problem shared

January 2, 2006

High quality data is essential for good operational risk management but finding it can be difficult without access to a shared database. Michael Imeson explains.

Obeying the regulator

January 2, 2006

Of all the forms of operational risk, compliance officers are most concerned with regulatory risk. Why? Because the consequences of getting it wrong can be so severe, writes Michael Imeson.

Bumpy ride for flat tax

January 2, 2006

Flat tax is unpalatable to governments of established economies but its adoption by emerging countries could spark a rethink.

IMF's managing director explains the Fund's new priorities

January 2, 2006

With demographic change and globalisation presenting fresh challenges, Rodrigo de Rato explains how the 60-year-old International Monetary Fund is adapting itself to new paradigms.

A piece of China’s consumer action

December 5, 2005

With an eye on China’s burgeoning consumer credit and retail markets, two American companies have invested in the future of Shenzhen Development Bank. Stephen Timewell reports.

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