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Where next for the derivatives market?

September 2, 2009

The fall-out from the Lehman Brothers collapse exposed the true extent of risk in the over-the-counter derivatives market and highlighted the need for change. While there is still no clear path for the market's future, it is not too difficult to anticipate what the Obama administration has in store for the sector. Writer Janet Lewis

Testing times for equity exchanges

September 2, 2009

On the surface, it may seem that the EU's 2007 MiFID legislation, which aimed to create a pan-European investment market on a level playing field, has changed little. However, a closer analysis reveals an industry in the process of change, as new upstarts make inroads and traditional exchanges respond with new technology. Writer Chris Skinner

The liquidity trap

September 2, 2009

The FSA's new regime to plug the holes in the UK's liquidity risk management system is being criticised by the sector as overzealous and potentially harmful. Michelle Price reports.

Reg Rage: EU plans better financial supervision

August 4, 2009

European law-makers are overhauling the way in which the financial system and the firms that operate within it are supervised. Writer Michael Imeson

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A rethink on risk management

August 4, 2009

Murky times: uncertainty over oil prices is causing concern that the risk management practices of energy traders are insufficient

The fluctuating energy prices over the past year have caused problems for financial and non-financial energy trading firms alike, leading to a greater focus on their risk management practices. Writer Michelle Price

Reg Rage: US Treasury to shake up finance rules

July 7, 2009

A plan to create a new system of financial regulation in the US has just been announced. Bankers are already pleading for some of the proposals to be modified. Writer Michael Imeson

War breaks out over EC hedge fund plans

July 7, 2009

Christopher Fawcett, CEO of Fauchier Partners
The European Commission's first draft for its directive on alternative investment fund managers and overseas financial centres has brought about furious accusations of protectionism, anti-Anglo-Saxon bias and unnecessary meddling. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Reg Rage: EU to cut hedge funds down to size

June 4, 2009

EU policymakers have sharpened their shears and launched an attack on hedge fund managers and other alternative investment fund managers. Writer Michael Imeson

The high price of payments

June 4, 2009

The global recession has elevated payments processing to near the top of bank chiefs' priority lists, but the industry is going through a fundamental structural change that could lead to a slump in revenues and soaring business costs. Writer Charlie Corbett

Reg Rage: G-20 bullies Swiss bankers into submission

May 5, 2009

Switzerland has just caved in to pressure from the big economic powers and relaxed its banking secrecy laws. Some fear this is the beginning of the end of its long tradition of client confidentiality. Writer Michael Imeson

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