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Clearing the way to competition

February 5, 2007

The Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement is being hailed as an important step in pulling down the barriers to cost-effective, cross-border clearing and settlement in Europe.

Traders build their own boats as exchange benefits run dry

February 5, 2007

Given that Europe’s exchanges are now run for profit – an ethos that may be compounded by prospective mergers with expansionist US exchanges – users complain that their needs have become secondary and are threatening to set up their own pan-continental multilateral trading facilities. Dan Barnes explains.

Financial markets: reasons to be fearful

February 5, 2007

Current account imbalances, household indebtedness, large leveraged transactions in the corporate sector as well as the growth in market complexity should all be sounding alarm bells, says Mario Draghi.

Argentina looks to Fannie Mae model

January 8, 2007

Greater levels of securitisation or an equivalent of Fannie Mae are needed in order to overcome acute liquidity problems in Argentina’s mortgage market. Jason Mitchell reports from Buenos Aires.

Foundations of a robust sector

January 8, 2007

With increased competition, the marketing and distribution channel strategies of Indian mortgage lenders have become more aggressive.
Renu Karnad reports on a rapidly expanding market.

The road to integration

January 8, 2007

Annik Lambert reports on the findings of two expert bodies and various bilateral discussion groups regarding the future of European Union mortgage market integration.

Global trends

January 8, 2007

Housing finance is enjoying robust growth in many countries across the globe, in both developed and emerging markets. Dr Michael Lea analyses the data.

UK watchdog sinks teeth into private equity

January 8, 2007

Next in the regulatory sights of the UK Financial Services Authority is the private equity market. It will almost inevitably lead to a tightening of the rules, writes Michael Imeson.

Building domestic asian bond markets

January 8, 2007

Regional co-operation through the Asian Bond Fund initiatives will make intermediation between savings and investment increasingly effective in the region, says Joseph Yam.

Technocrats target banking reform

January 8, 2007

A measured optimism is taking hold in the post-coup environment, as bankers expect new regulations and heightened competition. Simon Montlake reports from Bangkok.

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