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Banks’ capital management more important in new world

January 2, 2013

New regulations and resolution and recovery regimes are forcing banks across the world to change their models and strategies. While much is still uncertain, it is clear that how they manage their capital levels and funding will be crucial to determining what business lines they can go into. 

Outcome of Basel III’s LCR and NSFR still uncertain

January 2, 2013

Banks have struggled with the implementation deadline of Basel III regulations, due to differing approaches to the two key liquidity and capital measurements. So, what is the outlook for the implementation of Basel III?

Global banking five years from now

January 2, 2013

Cross-border universal banks will have to decide not only which countries and product segments to operate in, but also how to build the management structures to deliver the best return on capital under increased regulatory constraints.

Should the brakes be applied to high-frequency trading?

November 26, 2012

The European Parliament wants high-frequency traders to hold stocks for half a second before selling to prevent a future stock market crash, but critics retort that slowing down trading is not a solution to the problem.

Cross-border business in an ever-tightening regulatory environment

Cross-border business in an ever-tightening regulatory environment

November 1, 2012

With global businesses operating in increasingly regulated conditions, cross-border transactions are becoming more and more complex as governments strive to protect consumers and stimulate trade while minimising risk. 

Over regulation: the short-sighted solution

Over regulation: the short-sighted solution

November 1, 2012

New financial regulations may be helping to restore investor confidence but, according to the CEO of Dexia Asset Management, they are also in danger of shaping a new investment landscape that could cause further damage to the global economy in the long term.

Connecting the world

SEPA goes ahead despite technical uncertainties

October 1, 2012

A decade-old political vision to create a harmonised payments scheme across Europe is finally nearing its deadline. But the prospect of a Single European Payments Area never seemed so threatened by economic volatility or so opaque in regulatory direction.

Banks wake up to intraday liquidity challenge

Banks wake up to intraday liquidity management challenge

October 1, 2012

Market reforms are flooding the financial sector and banks are facing the challenge of managing their liquidity more efficiently. But the industry remains divided on best practice approaches to intraday liquidity management.

How new regulation could raise bank default risks

September 24, 2012

Greater use of secured funding, depositor preference and bail-in regimes mean that bank failures and defaults on unsecured bank debt are likely to converge, while recoveries fall.


New risk regime drives credit derivatives business

August 1, 2012

Blamed for magnifying the effects of the financial crisis, credit derivatives may be given a boost by the post-crisis regulatory changes.

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