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Be ready to catch the Web 2.0 wave

October 2, 2006

The next generation of web usage, boosted by the spread of broadband, is going to be bigger and more diverse than ever – so banks should rethink their online strategy now. Stephen Timewell looks at the latest developments.

Erste keeps a check on its aspirations

October 2, 2006

Austria’s Erste Bank is clear about its target market in the fast-expanding countries of central and eastern Europe. CEO Andreas Treichl explains why to Stephen Timewell.
A decade ago, Austria’s banks were not foreseen as the future dominant force in the development of banking in central and eastern Europe (CEE).

Community service

August 7, 2006

National Australia Bank has revamped its UK holdings, Clydesdale and Yorkshire banks, as local financial centres with an in-house manager style reminiscent of the 1970s. Stephen Timewell reports.

Setting the CSR benchmark

July 3, 2006

Corporate social responsibility is not new to European savings banks. They have a historical commitment to making a contribution to their local communities. Chris De Noose reports.

Ready to respond

July 3, 2006

Regulation is on the rise in Europe and will have a massive impact on the banking industry in the next decade. Crispian Lord examines the conflict between bankers and regulators, and suggests three key steps for a bank’s strategic response.

Remittance measures

July 3, 2006

A mobile global population means a constant stream of money transfers between countries. Initiatives are under way to ensure the process is simple, safe and affordable, as Wendy Atkins reports.

Opportunity knocks

July 3, 2006

The majority of Europe’s savings banks are viewing the Capital Requirements Directive, which transposes Basel II into European
law, as a good thing. Michael Imeson explains why.

Consolidation is not a panacea

July 3, 2006

Cross-border consolidation does not necessarily mean better integration, a more competitive or more efficient banking sector but nor is it the only way of serving customers well. Chris De Noose looks at the viable alternatives.

Local heroes

July 3, 2006

In the age of globalisation, local market representation and proximity to customers is deemed essential by both US and EU banks, writes Chris De Noose, chairman of the ESBG/WSBI management committee.

From formal to formidable

July 3, 2006

Post offices have progressed from merely serving the unbanked in developing countries to becoming serious contenders in the financial services stakes. Wendy Atkins reports.

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