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Brian Caplen

Getting off the interest rate roller coaster

Central bankers have been battling with interest rates since the crisis, making the management of capital even more difficult for bankers. The answer, according to a recent report by Citi economists, could be to abolish currency, and use alternative stores of value.

The UK general election: what now for the EU and Scotland?

With the Conservatives springing a surprise victory in the UK general election, eyes turn towards the coming EU in-out referendum in 2017, as well as renewed calls for Scottish independence.

The UK bank levy: a step too far?

The introduction of a bank levy in the UK is not only unfair it is also unlikely to achieve its intended purpose. 


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: China’s superpower vehicle or a harmonious Asian programme?

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has the potential to reallocate both Chinese and Western savings into projects that will boost the global economy and satisfy China's aspirations for a leadership role.

Belarus central bank chairman seeks more stable times

The chairman of the board of the National Bank of Belarus, Pavel Kallaur, tells Courtney Fingar about his plans to stabilise the country's currency, as well as keep inflation under control while bringing down interest rates.

Nigeria's election calm: good news for Africa?

The smooth transition of power in Nigeria bodes well for better governance across the continent.

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Banks and regulators need to catch their breath

The banking industry is asking regulators to pause to assess the impact of all reforms undertaken in the post-crisis environment. And not before time.

What the West can learn from the AIIB

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has already raised more than a few eyebrows in its short life. However, rather than criticise, Western politicians should make note of its focus – oft-ignored infrastructure requirements – and ask why existing such institutions, namely the IMF and World Bank, are deemed insufficient to cope with Asia's needs.

Could fixing the old crisis make the next crisis more painful?

Regulators have spent the past few years ensuring that a repeat of the last crisis will not happen. However, as JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has highlighted in a letter to shareholders, these actions could only be serving to worsen the effects of the next crisis. And Brian Caplen thinks he may have a point...

The UK economy is a ticking time bomb

The UK may have returned to growth, but with its budget deficit still dangerously high, the economy largely failing in its drive to develop non-banking sectors. Given the lack of political ambition to solve either of these problems, it is only a matter of time before it falls back into a recession. 

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