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Brian Caplen

No rest for banks as fintech challenges loom large

With the financial crisis all but negotiated, banks and bankers may be looking forward with optimism at long last. However, reports from McKinsey and Deloitte suggest that the next big challenge – the impact of fintech firms – needs their imminent attention.

Brian Caplen

The bond bubble risk of cheaper corporate borrowing

The post-financial crisis push in Western countries towards low interest rates, QE and encouraging corporates to utilise the capital markets has had an impact beyond the borders of the developed world, leading to some unintended consequences.

Risk models must have a regulatory role

Banks and regulators should not depend too much on risk models, but overruling them altogether can be illogical and economically damaging.

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Regulatory nationalism threatens Pittsburgh goals

International disagreements on issues such as central clearing house margins and bank bail-in leave national regulators weaker, not stronger.

From Comment

Latam de-risking: fresh ideas wanted

Banks’ response to regulators attempts at reducing risk are having the opposite effect in Latin America.

Brian Caplen

A continuation of the low-rate environment is a high risk

The US Federal Reserve's decision not to raise interest rates was a political one, and not driven by economics. The long-term consequences of prolonging this 'managed depression' will not be pretty...

Brian Caplen

Bankers need to balance culture with conduct

Bankers need to walk a fine line between embracing regulation while remaining innovative and competitive.

Brian Caplen

Bankers at a loss over IFRS9 provisioning rule

The concept that bankers know when they are going to make a loss – which forms part of the IFRS9 rules launched in in 2018 – is fundamentally flawed.

Brian Caplen

Will old hands lead the mass adoption of new technology?

Blockchain and the Internet of Things have plenty of advocates in the financial world, but could it be the big banks that give them the scope to become all-encompassing?

From Comment

Why Nepal will bounce back stronger

The two earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015 were the largest natural calamity in the country in over 80 years. Finance minister Ram Sharan Mahat describes how the country is recovering, and explains why the Nepal that rises from the rubble will be stronger than ever.

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