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Brian Caplen

The heat is rising on the interest rate debate

The hot topic at this year's annual meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, US, will be interest rates – with developed economies still cautious about raising their rates and emerging economies becoming increasingly frustrated by this inaction.

Brian Caplen

Regulation is pushing in the wrong direction

Far from tackling the problems that led to the global financial meltdown, new regulation is steering the banking sector towards yet another crisis.

IFRS adds new complications to accounting mix

The IFRS's latest attempt to simplify international accounting rules scores some small victories, but it also introduces a number of significant new problems into the accounting equation.

The asset quality review: a bitter pill for banks

Greater regulatory scrutiny in Europe is compelling banks to better understand their data and consider tough strategic decisions. 

Bill Rhodes

The challenges of culture, conduct and reputation

It is almost unanimously agreed that changes need to be made to improve the banking culture, but it is important to set realistic and workable targets that support the banking business model.

From Comment

Does financial regulation have to be global?

Cross-border regulation of banks is proving increasingly difficult, despite the call for global regulation of the financial system. 

Fiscal mismanagement is hurting Africa

Countries in Africa, including Ghana, Kenya and Zambia, are battling with wide fiscal deficits brought about by grand spending plans. 

BRICS new alliance speaks volumes

By establishing the New Development Bank, the BRICS economies of Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa have made their biggest push yet towards redressing the economic world order.

Brazil needs to get back on the offensive

Brazil has made huge economic gains in the past few decades, but this growth is now threatening to grind to a halt. Further progress rests on the country's ability to reform and tackle key issues, such as its infrastructure deficit and poor public services.

Scotland's future rests on uncertain ground

The subject of Scottish independence has received global attention, with leaders from the US and Europe weighing in on the discussion. But, with very few clear facts, opinion seems to be the main driver of the debate.

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