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Ian Johnston

September 2, 2009

Ian Johnston, chief executive of Swift in the Asia-Pacific region

The chief executive of Swift in the Asia-Pacific region talks to The Banker about the impact of the financial crisis on business, the co-operative's strategy in Asia and how the company is changing to meet the needs of an ever-more diverse client base. Writer Charlie Corbett

Zambia's fresh ambition

August 4, 2009

Rupiah Banda, the new president of Zambia talks about his vision for transforming the southern African state's economy in the light of a severe economic downturn. Writer Charlie Corbett in Cape Town

Lawrence Gonzi

July 7, 2009

Dr Lawrence Gonzi, prime minister of Malta

Malta might be tiny but it is determined to make itself heard on the world stage. Dr Lawrence Gonzi, prime minister of Malta, explains how. Writer Michael Imeson

Confident about convergence

May 5, 2009

The merger of Itaú and Unibanco is not to be rushed, says Roberto Setubal, CEO of the new bank, who believes the two very different management styles will be dovetailed to create a highly productive organisation.

Ezra Suruma

April 7, 2009

Uganda's government is pinning its hopes on an expansion in the agriculture sector, a boost in exports to its neighbours and a take-off in infrastructure projects as it attempts to avoid the worst effects of the global downturn, says the country's finance minister. Writer Peter Guest

Standing out from the crowd

April 7, 2009

A set of good results from an international bank is all too rare an occurrence in the current financial climate but Standard Chartered showed it is possible by announcing last month that income rose by 26% and profits by 13% in 2008. Chief executive Peter Sands explains how it was done. Writer Brian Caplen

Ahmed El houssieny

March 10, 2009

The managing director of Cairo based Citadel Capital talks to The Banker about opportunities in the region and the impact of the economic crisis on Egypt’s financial sector. Writer Charlie Corbett.

Cash management moves centre stage in 2009

January 5, 2009

It has been an unprecedented year for the world’s banking industry. Once seen as the drivers of economic growth and prosperity, bankers are regarded by many as pariahs. This image is unfair. The collapse of confidence in the credit markets was driven by the recklessness of a few, but the impact of their actions has sent shock waves across the industry. Cash has become king and, increasingly, banks are looking towards their transaction services teams to drive revenue in 2009. Paul Camp, head of cash management for financial institutions at Deutsche Bank, talks about cash management’s evolution in 2009.

History of a survivor, Ibrahim Dabdoub, group CEO of National Bank of Kuwait

January 5, 2009

Winner of The Banker’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Ibrahim Dabdoub has steered National Bank of Kuwait successfully through many crises, maintaining a balanced operating style and stressing the importance of trust and relationships. Writer Stephen Timewell.

Rising to the payment challenges

January 5, 2009

The European payments landscape is undergoing a period of dramatic transformation as regulatory, infrastructural and commercial pressures force Europe’s payment providers to invest colossal amounts of human and financial resources in new technological and compliance projects.Faced with SEPA, the PSD and UK Faster Payments, the transaction banking business has rarely been busier or more inflamed by competitive pressure.

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