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Edmund Truell

What is wrong with private equity?

September 1, 2011

The second quarter of 2011 witnessed the highest ever level of private equity exits on record. However, the majority were achieved by leveraged buyouts funded by the easy availability of leveraged loans. This brings back uncomfortable memories and does not bode well for the private equity industry.

Agustin Carstens

Agustin Carstens: central banks hold the key to financial stability

September 1, 2011

Agustín Carstens, central bank governor of Mexico suggests that central banks must play a more pivotal role in order to prevent such a widespread and deep-rooted crisis hitting again.

Steven Maijoor

ESMA's Maijoor: Regulating the rating agencies

September 1, 2011

ESMA's Steven Maijoor argues that stricter regulation will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of credit rating agencies and help restore confidence in their ratings.

Guy Verhofstadt

Guy Verhofstadt: EU members must pull in the same direction

September 1, 2011

The EU has lost its way. Only by reverting to its original intention – of pooled sovereignty with all members pulling in the same direction for the greater good – can it get begin to recover from the crisis that currently engulfs it.

Roberto Nicastro

Why banks must protect the value of customer relationships

September 1, 2011

As 'physical' relationships between banks and customers dwindle in favour of more remote interactions via online, mobile or ATM channels, the banks that master their multichannel offering will be the ones to thrive.

Michel Peretie

Regulation: avoiding the pendulum effect

September 1, 2011

As regulators push for financial stability, they need to be careful that the pendulum does not swing so far in the other direction that banks cannot exercise their core mandate of providing finance to households and industry says Michel Péretié, CEO of Société Générale Corporate and Investment Banking.

William R Rhodes

Why Europe must learn from the experiences of others

September 1, 2011

To overcome its sovereign debt crisis, Europe needs to be decisive and draw on help from the private sector, and it needs strong political leadership. But most importantly, it needs to take note of the lessons learnt from past crises in developing nations says William R Rhodes. 

United states of Africa?

Redrawing the map of Africa

September 1, 2011

African countries are being held back by a lack of integration across the continent. Some say it is time to redraw the map by breaking down borders and deepening regional blocs, which will enable free trade to flourish. 

Seeds for Brazil's blossoming

Unlocking Brazil's entrepreneurial spirit

September 1, 2011

Brazil may be the world’s seventh largest economy in terms of gross domestic product, but its legislation and taxation policies, not to mention its infrastructure, still needs a lot of work if the country is to realise its full potential.

Julio Velarde

Peru's private path to growth

September 1, 2011

Peru's central bank governor, Julio Velarde, explains that with increasing levels of private investment, there is potential for further growth in the country.

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