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Jean-Pierre Mustier

August 2, 2004

SG CIB had a good 2003 and a promising first quarter, but can it keep up the pace? The firm’s CEO tells Geraldine Lambe about the bank’s plans to do just that
Every bank has certain tenets that characterise its corporate culture. As such, SG Corporate and Investment Banking (SG CIB), the investment banking arm of French group Société Générale, could be summed up by its belief in a focused business model, the cultivation of an entrepreneurial spirit and what the bank calls a “profitable growth strategy”.

Clouds loom over horizon for emerging market bond issuers

August 2, 2004

Emerging market credits have enjoyed a financing renaissance in the international bond and loan markets in the past two years. However, the shadow of rising US interest rates and oil prices is casting a pall over emerging market bond issuance. By Joanna Hickey.

Equity derivatives market heats up

July 2, 2004

Equity derivatives have shown strong growth recently and major banks have been quick to adapt and strengthen their departments to capitalise on the boom. Natasha de Teran reports.

Flexibility is key to ETFs

July 2, 2004

In only four years since exchange-traded funds were introduced in Europe the market has exploded.This is due, in large part, to their simplicity and tradability, says Isabelle Bourcier.

Warrants benefit bulls and bears

July 2, 2004

Warrants are fast becoming an essential part of any investor’s portfolio since they can make money whether the market is rising or falling. David Lake provides a guide to these useful financial tools.

Bear market drives search for safety

July 2, 2004

Investors who have suffered at the hands of the recent bear market can be forgiven for being a little cautious, however, many are simply turning to structured products, says Delphine Simon.

Know your options

July 2, 2004

Hedge funds are a form of alternative investment that is growing rapidly. But this diverse group uses a variety of strategies with very different risk/return profiles, which can be confusing for investors. Laurent Le Saint explains the pros and the cons.

Jeremy Isaacs

July 2, 2004

Following Lehman Brothers’ push to diversify its business over the past few years, Geraldine Lambe talks to Jeremy Isaacs, Lehman’s CEO of Europe and Asia, about the firm’s new focus and toeing the company line.

Research renaissance

July 2, 2004

After a heady rise to prominence, research fell from grace just as quickly. Now it is making a recovery – although, as Edward Russell-Walling reports, banks are ensuring that this time there are firm barriers between research and their other functions, such as sales.

Casino cashes in on DrKW’s novel idea

July 2, 2004

After two years in development, the fruits of DrKW’s credit bankers’ labours have finally been realised with the issue of €500m-worth of credit spread warrants for French supermarket operator Casino. Natasha de Teran talks to the team.

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