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North African Islamic finance in the post Arab Spring world

North African Islamic finance in the post-Arab Spring world

November 7, 2012

The Arab Spring uprisings have brought change on an unprecedented scale to north Africa over the past couple of years, but what impact have these changes had upon the region's appetite for Islamic finance?

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Islamic finance industry reaches critical mass

November 7, 2012

The Islamic finance industry's growth has continued to defy global economic malaise in 2012. And, with more government interest, increasingly complex products and a large untapped customer base, future forecasts are no longer concerned with the industry's ability to continue growing but instead are focusing on the more complex issue of how it will evolve.

Hussain Al Qemzi

Noor Islamic Bank pushes Islamic finance towards maturity

November 7, 2012

Islamic finance is increasingly being viewed as a credible alternative to conventional finance, but Hussain Al-Qemzi, group chief executive of Dubai-based Noor Investment Group and chief executive of Noor Islamic Bank, recognises that Islamic institutions must work together if they are to compete with conventional banks.


The struggle to find the right Islamic banking model

November 7, 2012

The steady growth of sharia-compliant assets suggests banks believe in the future of the sector, but the dismantling of the largest cross-border Islamic window raises questions about whether global banking groups can make a success of the business.

Malaysia's central bank

Malaysia sets Islamic finance example

November 7, 2012

Malaysia leads the world in providing a sharia-compliant environment for savings. CIMB Islamic's Badlisyah Abdul Ghani charts the rise of Islamic finance since its founding in the country 50 years ago.

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Sharia start-ups look to stand out in crowd-funding

November 1, 2012

Despite holding core values of social and economic development, questions remain about how beneficial Islamic finance has been for the majority of the Arab world. Could the emergence of crowd-funding platforms help to generate a more equitable distribution of wealth?


Islamic finance: the state of play

October 22, 2012

Four experts in Islamic finance discuss the issues affecting the industry at present, and look at what the key opportunities within it are likely to be in the coming years.

Islamic finance interbank rate

December 15, 2011

The launch of the world's first Islamic interbank rate is a key step in the industry's efforts to distinguish itself from conventional finance and achieve greater standardisation. The measure of its success will only come with time, however, and is dependent on its ability to offer competitive pricing, its inclusion of more currencies and its application to a range of financial instruments.

Will Islamic finance's asset management potential finally be fulfilled

December 1, 2011

In 2010 it seemed that the Islamic asset management industry was taking off when it recorded a 7.6% increase in its assets. But with most sharia-compliant vehicles not satisfying global industry standards, and a large number of relatively small, equity-heavy funds in the sector, growth is needed in many other directions before the industry can fulfil its potential.


Islamic finance roars again

November 1, 2011

After recording relatively sluggish growth in last year's survey, this year's ranking shows the Islamic finance industry posting impressive figures, passing the $1000bn mark in assets for the first time.

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