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Less ambition, more success

May 3, 2004

Jan Wagner finds that the global banks aiming to expand into Germany should opt for niche markets.

PKO’s future is uncertain

May 3, 2004

Poland’s state savings bank’s long-delayed initial public offering is under threat, yet its CEO is optimistic. Nicholas Spiro reports from Warsaw.

Analysis: Modernisation under way

May 3, 2004

The accession of transition economies to the EU will have a big impact on European payments sectors, reports Michael J McEvoy.

Foreign bank integration accelerates in China

May 3, 2004

Louise do Rosario says the pace of change has speeded up dramatically since China signed up for WTO status.
For many years, foreign banks in China grew at a snail’s pace, while the local economy was growing an impressive 8%-9% a year. Foreign banks made a negligible impact on the local banking scene, as they were confined by law to a few cities and to serve mainly foreigners.
This situation has changed, thanks to the financial liberalisation China has made in accordance with its commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Banking alliances

May 3, 2004

In recent years, foreign banks have made many alliances with and investments in their Chinese counterparts.

IADB interviews

May 3, 2004

Monica Campbell interviews top officials from Bolivia, Mexico and Nicaragua at the Inter-American Development Bank meeting, discussing the major issues currently affecting their countries.

Exports key for lifting economy

May 3, 2004

Bolivia is anxious to capitalise on its resources but political unrest is making this difficult.
Bolivia’s new finance minister, Javier Cuevas, faces a tough task. He has to steer the poor, landlocked country’s economy amid an intense period of political uncertainty.

Mexico looks for more global trade

May 3, 2004

Mexico’s economy has turned a corner, says finance minister Francisco Gil Díaz. However, much still depends on its giant neighbour, the US.
After several years of economic stagnation, Mexico appears to be turning a corner. The manufacturing industry, led by the maquiladora (in-bond assembly for export) sector, is hiring again. Exports earnings, including those generated by the crucial oil sector, are also up – no small thing, considering exports make up about 25% of Mexico’s economic activity. Interest rates are also trending down and inflation is under control.

Catching the eye of the investor

May 3, 2004

Nicaragua’s central bank president, Mario Alonso, says that the HIPC debt relief will enable his country to tackle poverty and push for economic and judicial reform.

Investors search for stability overseas

May 3, 2004

Local asset managers in Argentina may be suffering but foreign firms are benefiting. Jason Mitchell reports from Buenos Aires.

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