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Ethanol shakes up the energy mix

May 28, 2012

With oil prices rising ever higher, interest in ethanol as a green fuel is growing, with the world's largest economies – Brazil, China and the US – already involved in production.

Singapore and Hong Kong top Asia IFC FDI ranking

Singapore and Hong Kong fight off Asian FDI rivals

May 1, 2012

Singapore and Hong Kong continue to attract the highest levels of foreign direct investment among Asian international finance centres. But there is change afoot elsewhere, with increasing levels of investment in Beijing causing it to replace Shanghai as the third most attractive Asian IFC for FDI.

Australia dominates 'other' Asia-Pacific ranking

April 2, 2012

While the Asia-Pacific region's growth story over the past few decades has been powered by Japan and then China, at least as far as banking is concerned, when these two countries are removed from The Banker's Asia-Pacific rankings, it is Australia's banks that come to the fore. 

London bids to play renminbi strong suit

London bids to play renminbi strong suit

April 2, 2012

As China has moved to speed up the internationalisation of its domestic currency since the financial crisis, the UK has made no secret of its willingness to play a role in this process. But much work still needs to be done with regards to trade settlements between the two countries, as well as improving transport links and communications.

Are China's banks heading for a crisis

Are China's banks heading for a crisis?

April 2, 2012

The state of China’s banks is a divisive topic – are they on the brink of collapse or part of a stable, state-controlled system? The country's financial institutions are reporting high profits and deposits, but with unquantified levels of bad debt, concerns over asset quality and overexposure to a weakening property market, questions are being asked about the long-term health of the sector.

competing for dominance

Foreign exchange still in everyone’s sights

April 2, 2012

Higher volumes than before the financial crisis and a growing number of heavyweight currencies are attracting investment banks, but the global foreign exchange pie may not be large enough for everyone to have a slice.

Chinese banks move up a gear in Latin America

Chinese banks move up a gear in Latin America financing

March 26, 2012

As China becomes a growing source of finance in Latin America, looking to internationalise the renminbi and diversify its investments away from low-yielding US debt securities, both parties seem to be reaping the rewards. But does this blossoming relationship simply highlight Latin America's dependence on commodities?

Global banks go back to basics

March 1, 2012

Investors appear to have lost confidence in diversified cross-border banking models, forcing banks to decide what they do best.

slow road to internationalisation teaser

The renminbi takes the slow path to internationalisation

January 3, 2012

The increasing might of China over the past decade has not been reflected in its currency. In 2010, China's share of world trade was 11.4%, while the renminbi's share in world payments was a mere 0.24%. The currency's route to internationalisation look set to be more marathon than sprint.

Barclays Capital team

ICBC bond issue helps BarCap strengthen its Asia ambitions

January 3, 2012

When China's biggest bank, ICBC, launched its first dollar bond issue, it offered investors a rare opportunity of direct exposure to the mainland banking system. There was no shortage of interest. Along with UBS and ICBC's own investment arm, Barclays Capital landed the role of global co-ordinator, helping BarCap cement its Asian standing.

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