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Hong Kong market faith is still strong

November 6, 2006

The Hong Kong government is taking active steps to improve co-ordination of the development of its financial infrastructure with that of mainland China, writes Sir David Li.

Just doing what Asian tigers do…

October 2, 2006

When it comes to economic growth, the key is savings, savings and savings. Economists have struggled for years to understand the Asian miracle and they are currently as mystified by China.

Capitalising on the Yangtze river

September 4, 2006

As was the case for the US in the 19th century, continued Chinese economic growth depends on it opening up its less developed western region. Much hinges on whether the transportation capabilities of the presently underutilised Yangtze river can be harnessed, says David Lammie.

China’s M&A misfortunes

September 4, 2006

In their first major mergers and acquisitions forays overseas, Chinese companies are being buffeted by Sinophobia and their own lack of nous. Sophie Roell looks at recent deals.

Beijing launch of Top 100 Chinese banks

July 3, 2006

On June 13, The Banker launched the Chinese version of its Top 100 Chinese Banks listing in a glittering ceremony at Beijing’s prestigious Chinese Political Consultative Conference Hall.

STANDARD & POOR’S REPORT: S&P Pursues Enhanced Global Comparison of Capital Ratios

July 3, 2006

S&P seeks more accurate comparison of capital adequacy while BCG advises foreigners on starting out in China.

China treads a risky path to growth

July 3, 2006

Growth powered by political motives is unsustainable and will lead to instability, warns Arthur Waldron.

Variant paths to eventual banking might

July 3, 2006

Banking in India and China has a long way to go to match global comparisons, but both countries will get there in the end.

Chinese banks step up drive for modernisation

June 5, 2006

For the first time ever, The Banker publishes a Top 100 banks in China listing, demonstrating the country’s growing financial sophistication.

US exchanges knock on China’s open door

May 2, 2006

US exchanges are taking advantage of improving relations with China and clinching significant business deals. Jim Kharouf reports.

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