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Reserve bank of India

Indian bond markets take slow road to maturity

November 1, 2011

India's vast infrastructure needs should make a larger bond market in the country indispensable. However, there are many regulatory obstacles to overcome.

Joydeep Sengupta

Mobile banking offers glimpse of India's future

March 21, 2011

In a country where the number of landline phone owners and PC users is relatively low, and mobile phone ownership almost universal, mobile banking offers healthy opportunities to expand financial inclusion in India.

Anil Jaggia, chief information officer, HDFC Bank

CIO of India's HDFC Bank on the benefits of its new ATM network

January 31, 2011

India's HDFC Bank recently upgraded its ATM network. The bank's chief information officer, Anil Jaggia explains how it has increased transaction speeds, boosted sales and implemented SMS-based anti-fraud measures.

A Citi bank branch in Mumbai, India is one of only 45 in the region.

India keeps limits on foreign banks

December 23, 2010

Eager to take advantage of India's economic strength and increase their presence in the region, foreign banks are coming up against strict branch-licensing laws as India seeks to protect its banking sector from the vagaries of the global market. Writer Rekha Mehon

Slow progress

July 6, 2010

Indian banks are demonstrating a return to good health and new players are set to enter the market. But overbanked urban areas and a seeming reluctance to enter a period of consolidation continues to hamper the industry's development. Writer Rekha Menon


India's decade of Tech revolution

March 31, 2010

In response to pressure from the Reserve Bank of India, Indian banks have made huge investments in modernising their IT infrastructure during the past 10 years. But there is still much work to be done, particularly around customer relationship management, payments and financial inclusion. Writer Rekha Menon

cp/62/Indian Mobiles.jpg

India's mobile lifeline

October 5, 2009

Technology, in the guise of mobile and smart-card banking, is bringing the remote sectors of India's population within reach of the country's banks. Writer Rekha Mehon

Bank of Baroda's chance to shine

August 4, 2009

Formerly constricted by its traditional public sector mould, India's Bank of Baroda has reinvented itself with a branding overhaul and a forward-thinking realignment of its business model. Writer Brian Caplen

cp/56/GET-India trade.jpg

Trading rivalry intensifies in India

July 7, 2009

India's leading exchange, the NSE, faces new competition as the MCX-SX plans to enter the equities trading arena. Yet the battle is broadly welcomed by the country's banking industry, which anticipates it will bring the product innovation needed to strengthen the sector on a global level. Writer Rekha Menon

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