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Deutsche Bank's woes go beyond US fine

October 4, 2016

Deutsche Bank’s travails concerning the US Department of Justice and a settlement due to the mis-selling of mortgage backed-securities are grabbing the headlines, but, says Brian Caplen, the cause behind the bank's predicament goes much deeper.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Will Brexit be good or bad for Switzerland?

September 13, 2016

Switzerland's relationship with the EU has been strained at times, but could the terms the UK arranges as it prepares to leave he union provide a boost for Swiss banks? Brian Caplen thinks it might.

Ross McEwan

Ross McEwan maps out RBS's long recovery

September 1, 2016

Eight years after its bail-out, Royal Bank of Scotland has sold off assets, invested heavily in technology and refocused on domestic business. As the bank labours towards recovery, CEO Ross McEwan talks to Brian Caplen about cost-cutting, rebranding and why Brexit is likely to delay further share sales.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Will Japan’s economy recover in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020?

August 23, 2016

Japan's spluttering economy shows little sign of recovering before the country hosts the summer Olympic Games in 2020, and holds a lesson for others, writes Brian Caplen.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Why isn't infrastructure investment booming?

August 16, 2016

One the face of it, it's an easy win: governments spend money on infrastructure projects and the spluttering economies of the developed and developing world would be transformed. However, as Brian Caplen explains, the solution is more to do with political commitment than available funding.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Are regional banks really safer than their global counterparts?

August 9, 2016

With BNP Paribas announcing the sale of First Hawaiian Bank, Brian Caplen examines whether banks that do business through a narrow channel really are stronger that those with multiple earning sources.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

What do the EU’s bank stress tests really tell us?

August 2, 2016

Banks within the EU may have largely passed the stress tests to show how they would survive adverse economic growth in the years to 2018, but the problem with adverse scenarios, writes Brian Caplen, is that the form they take is notoriously difficult to predict or replicate.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

The 40% costs cut: why banks must face up to a tough future

July 26, 2016

Banks are under pressure from the prolonged low-interest-rate environment and increased regulatory pressures. For most Western lenders, the only solution going forward is to cut costs, but at a level that few will want to take on.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Brexit will not make trade deals easy

July 19, 2016

Trade agreements everywhere are hostage to politics and protest, meaning that the UK can't expect an easy ride as it prepares for post-Brexit life, writes Brian Caplen.

Brian Caplen blog 2016

Europe’s bad loan problem could last a generation

July 11, 2016

Banking union is another EU policy stuck halfway, writes Brian Caplen.

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