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Austin Adams

March 6, 2006

JPMorgan Chase’s global chief information officer tells Dan Barnes of the importance of being crisp, timely and final when it comes to technological decision making.

QUANTUM LEAP- Trading Faster Than the Speed of Light

March 6, 2006

Bank trading desks are continually seeking faster data processing to speed up deals and this is pitting technology developers against the laws of physics. Dan Barnes reports.
In the big money world of trading, patience is definitely not a virtue. Traders who miss deals by milliseconds, or are outwitted by a competitor’s superior data, quickly become history. That is why they demand the best from their IT departments and do not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Face the customer

February 6, 2006

Customer-centricity has long been a buzzword but money-saving innovations such as call centresand online banking can alienate customers and damage your brand. Dan Barnes reports on the measures banks are taken to reassure their customers and reinforce trust.

José Maria Fuster

February 6, 2006

Grupo Santander’s global chief information officer explains to
Dan Barnes why he considers himself to be a chief architect, overseeing and holding together the group’s technology strategy.

Rick Snape

January 2, 2006

Although bullish when discussing the competition, BT Radianz’s CEO is acutely aware of the importance that relationships have to play in his vision for the company’s future. Dan Barnes explains.

Leading the IT revolution

January 2, 2006

Dan Barnes follows the historical path of the technology that has allowed banking to progress in the past 80 years and looks at what lies ahead in the next 20 years.

Ole Rossing

December 5, 2005

Denmark’s Saxo Bank is 50% bank and 50% technology company, says its chief information officer. He tells Dan Barnes why this hybrid has been so successful.

A change of mindset

December 5, 2005

Banks are under pressure to review the role that IT plays in their organisation, and make tough choices about service provision and structure, as Dan Barnes reports.

The need for speed

December 5, 2005

Growing volumes of orders and trades will require faster processing and increased capacity in both banks and exchanges, says Dan Barnes.
As black box/algorithmic trading pushes data volumes through the roof and venue competition grows, order-processing speed and capacity must be increased to compete in the securities game.

Trading timebomb is ticking

November 7, 2005

New technology is needed to keep pace with the speed and volume of credit derivatives trades. The first step must be for all the players in the market to buy into the need for change, says Dan Barnes.

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