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René Querret

November 7, 2005

Société Générale’s chief information officer René Querret tells Dan Barnes why the French bank is increasingly using third-party IT providers and of the complications that can occur.

The ATM story is far from over

November 7, 2005

Some banks are outsourcing their ATM function to increase margins but others are still looking for ways to offer new transactions at their machines. Dan Barnes reports on the latest developments.

Buy-side ignores MiFID at its peril

November 7, 2005

The EC’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive will affect buy-side firms from April 2007, obliging them to create a policy for best execution. But as Dan Barnes reports, many of them are still not taking the change seriously.

Into battle with the algorithmic warriors

October 3, 2005

Algorithmic trading systems are an increasingly popular weapon with which banks aim to annihilate the competition.Dan Barnes explains.

Martin Vonk

October 3, 2005

ING Direct’s chief information officer Martin Vonk tells Dan Barnes how the online bank manages to keep down costs and maintain growth five years after its inception.

Emerging markets play game of leapfrog

October 3, 2005

Once disadvantaged by poor infrastructure, emerging markets are now bypassingthe old legacy systems and moving to the latest technology – giving them the edge on their global competitors.Dan Barnes reports.

Preparing for future fusion

September 5, 2005

As banking requirements advance, the systems and software required to service core banking operations grow ever more complex. The solution, it appears, is a flexible system that can adapt and fit into its new environment.Dan Barnes reports.

JPMorgan seeks alliances in drive for expertise

September 5, 2005

JPMorgan’s Worldwide Securities Services division is following a strategy of partnership with technology developers and suppliers to leverage their expertise and play an integrative role. Chief technology officer John Galante talks to Dan Barnes about third-party provision.
John Galante, chief technology officer at JPMorgan’s Worldwide Securities Services division, does not expect any surprises to come out of Sibos this year. His view is that SWIFT will stick to its strategy fairly solidly.

HSBC aims to answer the corporates’ ‘desperate cry’

August 1, 2005

Marcus Treacher of HSBC tells Dan Barnes about the rationale for its technology strategy and why banks that can think like treasurers and CFOs will beat the competition.
The tech vision of Marcus Treacher, head of global transaction banking e-Strategy at HSBC, is firmly rooted in using the SWIFT network and the ‘value added’ services that can be provided to customers.

Funds need all-round solution to defuse pensions time bomb

July 4, 2005

The fear of pension funds falling into deficit is a very real one. With no single solution on the radar, funds need to look at all the services available to help with their structure and strategies. Dan Barnes reports.
Times are hard in the pensions fund business. The UK government launched the Pension Protection Fund earlier in the year in an attempt to ensure final salary pension funds can still pay the scheme members should the fund be in deficit.

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