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Relationship management at heart of Swift’s new structure

October 1, 2007

Swift’s new CEO, Lázaro Campos, talks to Frances Maguire about his plans for Swift in the immediate future and beyond, including regionalisation, courting US institutions and working on the integration of portals.

Integration remains elusive

October 1, 2007

More than a year after the Giovannini Group’s original deadline for removal of all 15 barriers to the creation of an integrated clearing and settlement system for European securities trades, only one barrier has been fully removed. 

Sepa is not final word on liquidity

October 1, 2007

Having fewer bank accounts in Europe post-Sepa will enable corporates to pool funds more effectively but, as Frances Maguire reports, liquidity management solutions will still be needed.

Another challenger ahoy!

August 1, 2007

The US and European stock exchanges have long dealt with competition from alternative trading systems, but with the challenge from Project Turquoise, is this trend likely to go global? Frances Maguire reports.

Lost in transcription

July 4, 2007

Despite huge technological advances, firms still issue clunky, non-standardised activity announcements – that can be misinterpreted. Frances Maguire assesses the industry’s attempts to automate the process.

Breaking the mould

July 2, 2007

The securities lending market has grown up around bilateral dealing and sealed bids. Frances Maguire asks if a new electronic trading platform will convince the industry to change.

A critical time for bonds

May 7, 2007

The European Commission is reviewing pre-trade and post-trade transparency in the bond market. Frances Maguire asks if the bond market’s self regulation could prevent mandatory transparency requirements, similar to the equities market.

Delay creates breathing space

April 2, 2007

The delay of the Payments Services Directive means that the Single Euro Payments Area will go live in a phased approach. Frances Maguire looks at the impact this will have.

Clearing the way to competition

February 5, 2007

The Code of Conduct for Clearing and Settlement is being hailed as an important step in pulling down the barriers to cost-effective, cross-border clearing and settlement in Europe.

Scope of Target2 in flux

December 4, 2006

Target2-Securities, the European Central Bank’s controversial proposal to build a single settlement platform for euro-based securities, would split settlement from custody. Do the proposals go too far or not far enough, asks Frances Maguire.

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