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Puerto Rico's banks reach a critical juncture

December 30, 2009

Puerto Rico's dependence on the US meant that the subprime crisis hit its banking sector particularly hard. A period of consolidation is now expected, but who the winners will be - the big domestic players or foreign-owned entities - remains to be seen. Writer Jane Monahan in Puerto Rico

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October 28, 2009

Key country: Brazil is the most important market in Latin America for HSBC

HSBC's spectacular expansion in Latin America over the past 10 years has certainly paid dividends, with the group now the fifth largest in the region. Head of HSBC Latin America, Emilson Alonso, offers his views on the business and its strategy for the future. Writer Jane Monahan

cp/64/GET_Panama Canal.jpg

Panama leads the way

October 28, 2009

With the exception of Panama, whose macroeconomy is cushioned by its canal expansion plan, GDP growth forecasts for the small economies of central America are negative this year as trade and investment from the US slows. Writer Jane Monahan

Agustin Carstens

October 5, 2009

Mexico's finance minister discusses the country's close relationship with the US, and whether the banking sector should play a bigger role in reactivating Mexico's stuttering economy. Writer Jane Monahan


A ray of light for Mexico

October 5, 2009

Although Mexico's exports and remittances are in decline, its oil production and tourism sectors weakened and unemployment rising, the country's banking industry entered the global crisis in good shape and may be able to provide the credit needed to reactivate the economy. Writer Jane Monahan

LatAm banks take CSR plunge

July 7, 2009

Banks across Latin America are gradually signing up to the rules designed to ensure major project finance is environmentally responsible. But take-up is still slow and commitment varies from institution to institution. Writer Jane Monahan

Winners and Losers in LATAM

June 4, 2009

Some of the multilateral development banks in the Latin Americas region are proving stellar sources of funding at this time of crisis, although others are lagging behind with depleted reserves. Writer Jane Monahan

A different kind of support

June 4, 2009

National development banks in Latin America such as Brazil's BNDES and Mexico's Nafinsa are playing an important role in keeping funds flowing in the region, but there is a danger of them being over-stretched. Writer Jane Monahan

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Development demand

June 4, 2009

Press conference on co-operation between the Latin American development banks (l to r): Enrique Garcia, CAF president; Luis Alberto Moreno, IDB president; Jyrki Koskelo, IFC vice-president for Europe, central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and global financial markets; and Pamela Cox, World Bank vice-president for Latin America and the Caribbean
The slump in capital markets activity and a decline in cash flow has pushed Latin America's multilateral development banks to prominence as the biggest and most robust lenders in some of the region's principal credit markets. Writer Jane Monahan in Washington, DC


A combined effort to tackle the crisis

May 5, 2009

The countries of the Caribbean have so far avoided the worst of the global slowdown, in part due to the region's steadfast regulatory discipline, but also because of the conservative approach adopted by the Canadian banks that dominate the area's financial sector. Writer Jane Monahan

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