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The reduced emissions from deforestation and degradation movement, or REDD, was an emotive subject at the UN climate meeting in Cancun

Cancun maintains the status quo

January 31, 2011

The UN climate meeting in Cancun was widely viewed as being more productive than the 2009 event in Copenhagen, but many in the carbon trading markets came away feeling that too little had been achieved.


The carbon market wheels keep on turning slowly

February 1, 2010

Much was expected but little emerged from the climate talks in Copenhagen in 2009. As the financial crisis hit, discussion about the cap and trade system got pushed back. In Europe, market participants are worried about the move from government-allocated carbon credits to market auctions.


Is a rethink needed on the CDM?

October 28, 2009

Whatever happens at the UN meetings in Copenhagen this December, the carbon markets will have to re-examine the structures put in place by the Kyoto Protocol, not least the Clean Development Mechanism. But is it beyond repair or just in need of a tune-up? Writer Jim Kharouf

US exchanges knock on China’s open door

May 2, 2006

US exchanges are taking advantage of improving relations with China and clinching significant business deals. Jim Kharouf reports.

How David faced down Goliath

March 3, 2004

Jim Kharouf explains how The Clearing Corporation lived on despite being dumped by the mighty Chicago Board of Trade.
Dennis Dutterer is seen as the gutsy player who stood up against the bullying tactics of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and helped forge a new era of US futures competition in which Eurex US began trading last month. “I don’t mind that,” chuckles Mr Dutterer, president and CEO of The Clearing Corporation (CCorp) – formerly the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation (BOTCC).

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