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Trend setters bag repo rewards

February 2, 2005

Banks could profit from the burgeoning repo market if their collateral management is sophisticated enough, yet few have attempted to integrate this function. Natasha de Teran reports.
With the increasing focus on risk-reduction and the imminent arrival of Basel II, the fast-growing repo market – in which the seller of securities agrees to buy them back at a specified time and price – is likely rise to prominence and expand beyond recognition.
Banks that are already at the forefront of secured lending will profit from this growth but, as more assets are added into the acceptable collateral pool, sophisticated collateral management capabilities will become imperative.

Hurdles for the next big idea in retail

January 3, 2005

Retail investors are crying out for better yielding investments and bankers are rushing to design structured credit-based solutions in answer to their demands. But are retail markets ready for them? Natasha de Teran reports.
Strict regulations and desultory market conditions have tested banks’ ability to develop and deliver attractive products for retail investors. Years of lacklustre performance have driven the consumer end of the market away from traditional equity markets towards evermore diversified investments, and bankers have rushed to develop new products to attract them, based on commodity, rate and other multi-asset pay-offs.

Banks defend OTC territory

December 1, 2004

Exchanges and clearing houses, faced with compressed margins and increasing competition, are looking outside traditional sectors for growth opportunities and delving into over-the-counter markets. How are banks turning this threat to their advantage? Natasha de Teran investigates.
Gone are the days of strictly marked territories, when exchanges and their clearing houses had a guaranteed stronghold on specific markets. The concept of these being “sleepy” utilities has not yet faded but both are starting to change the ways they do business – even, in some cases, by encroaching on areas that used to be the unchallenged preserve of banks or brokers, their principal customers.

Investment banks build up property financing presence

November 4, 2004

As the good times roll in the global real estate markets, the capital markets have been moving further and further into real estate lending. Natasha de Teran finds out who has the upper hand in commercial mortgage-backed securities.
Property financing was once the purview of commercial banks alone. However, a trend in which a handful of investment banks entered the US real estate markets following the doldrums of the late 1980s has since begun to extend to Europe and beyond.

Prime numbers

October 4, 2004

Prime brokerage was virtually unheard of until about a decade ago. It is now the hot new area for banks to build. How do they win business in this competitive environment? Natasha de Teran reports.

The value of innovation

September 2, 2004

Being first to market with a new product can benefit a bank in terms of reputation and margin. But is the cost of development really worth it? Natasha de Teran reports

China takes first liberalisation step

August 2, 2004

New rules for trading in China’s derivatives market have provided a major attraction for foreign banks, which are preparing for the country to open up fully in 2007. Natasha de Teran reports.

Equity derivatives market heats up

July 2, 2004

Equity derivatives have shown strong growth recently and major banks have been quick to adapt and strengthen their departments to capitalise on the boom. Natasha de Teran reports.

Casino cashes in on DrKW’s novel idea

July 2, 2004

After two years in development, the fruits of DrKW’s credit bankers’ labours have finally been realised with the issue of €500m-worth of credit spread warrants for French supermarket operator Casino. Natasha de Teran talks to the team.

OTC gets an auto-pilot

July 2, 2004

The over-the-counter derivatives market needs to achieve automation and, with this in mind, its representative body, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, has provided an estimated time of arrival. Natasha de Teran reports.

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