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Egypt runs with the bulls

July 3, 2006

With reformers at the helm of a buoyant economy, Egypt is instilling confidence in rating agencies and markets with its new commercial spirit and changes in taxation, and banks are reaping the benefits. Nick Kochan reports from Sharm el Sheikh.

Invitation to the tri-party

June 5, 2006

Tri-party collateral management can be useful for gaining systematic efficiency and cost saving in the stock lending process, and can add value to both parties’ portfolios, but implementation is not straightforward. Nick Kochan reports.

Pernickety investors

May 2, 2006

Boom time in the Middle East does not translate into an easy ride for fund managers, says Nick Kochan.

Pressure mounts to reduce credit derivative risk

April 3, 2006

The backlog in clearing and settlement of credit derivative trades and the increased risk of confirmation failure is leading to pressure on firms to tighten up procedures. Banks that do not pay due attention to operational risk management issues could wind up in difficulty, says Nick Kochan.

Moving beyond domestic bliss

February 6, 2006

Georges Pauget, CEO of Crédit Agricole, and Gilles de Margerie, the French bank’s CFO and head of strategy, speak to Brian Caplen and Nick Kochan about their designs for a more international and diversified group.

UBS adds gleam to GECC’s golden touch

November 7, 2005

When triple A rated GECC decided to issue a 32-year subordinated note, it chose UBS to ensure the success of this groundbreaking deal. Nick Kochan reports.

How the Group of Eight ousted Purcell

August 1, 2005

Through a ruthless public relations campaign, eight dissidents brought about Phil Purcell’s exit from the CEO post at Morgan Stanley. Nick Kochan looks at how and why they did it and asks if this sets a precedent in corporate governance.

What the future holds for Mack’s Morgan Stanley

August 1, 2005

Swingeing change is likely at Morgan Stanley under its new chairman and CEO John Mack as he attempts to integrate the cultures of its many parts. 

Too much of a good thing?

July 4, 2005

The UK’s Financial Services Authority has set the template for regulation around the world but it has recently come in for criticism from politicians and market players for overdoing the red tape. How justified are the claims? asks Nick Kochan.

Bulgaria pulls up a seat at the EU table

December 1, 2004

With plans to sign an accession agreement next year, Bulgaria is preparing itself to become a EU member. Nick Kochan reports from The Banker’s conference.
Bulgaria has moved centre stage among the nations of central Europe. In due course, this will translate into a seat at the EU members’ table, perhaps as early as 2007. These considerations are driving Bulgarian economic and structural policy today.
That was clear at The Banker business conference, Banking on Bulgaria, held recently in London and sponsored by investment fund Equest. Solomon Passy, Bulgaria’s foreign affairs minister, told the conference that his government had two priorities when it came to power three years ago: the first was membership of NATO, which was achieved shortly after the election; the second was to prepare the country for EU membership.

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