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Prop desk drawing

Rearranging the prop desk

December 23, 2010

Banks are reticent to discuss the consequences of the US's new Volcker Rule, restricting proprietary trading. While some analysts predict dire results for market liquidity, others suggest that bank leaders privately welcome the opportunity to pull out of risky prop-trading activities. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Trouble in paradise

Under fire but fighting back

December 8, 2010

Investment into Caribbean offshore financial centres has fallen in recent years but is now picking up. However, these centres are also under international pressure over their tax and transparency arrangements, a criticism many of them view as unfair. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Latin strategy

Banks fight for position in Latin America

November 24, 2010

The banking landscape in Latin America has changed considerably in recent years as local banks have strengthened while some foreign groups have been in retreat. Silvia Pavoni reports.

Latin American banks go from strength to strength

November 24, 2010

Brazilian institutions retain the top places in this year's Latin American rankings, but competition is getting fiercer as the region's banks increase in confidence and muscle.

Brazil's minister of finance, Guido Mantega, at the G-20 summit in June

High rates put the spotlight on Brazil

September 29, 2010

Fuelled by high interest rates, the strength of the Brazilian currency should be thwarting growth, but Brazil is not your typical emerging economy, reports Silvia Pavoni.

Central Bank of Paraguay on the country's need to diversify

August 30, 2010

The governor of the Central Bank of Paraguay speaks to Silvia Pavoni about the need to diversify Paraguay's economy and the measures he is taking to improve training for central bank staff.


Paraguay banks on natural resources

August 30, 2010

 Paraguay's minister of finance, Dionisio Borda, outlines the government's efforts to make the most of its natural resources, attract private investment and build up the country's infrastructure.

cp/96/iSt-Paraguay map.jpg

Paraguay ups its game

August 30, 2010

Rich in potential but historically low on performance, Paraguay is making a concerted effort to improve its reputation in an attempt to attract both investors and tourists to the country. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Turbulent times

August 30, 2010

As the fallout from the global financial crisis continues, competition between leading international financial centres has been given a new dimension by threats of tougher regulation in established markets and intense pressure from emerging centres striving hard to push their way into the top league. Writer Silvia Pavoni


Italy: Survival or siesta?

August 30, 2010

Italy exemplifies everything that is wrong with Europe - poor government finances, stultifying bureaucracy and rising labour costs. Can it sort itself out? Silvia Pavoni, an Italian national who lives in the UK, takes a long, hard look.

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