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Shattered Confidence

August 4, 2009

The impact of the financial crisis has been felt particularly hard in the wealth management industry, where client trust is low, the appetite for risk has disappeared, and customers are expecting frequent and time-consuming reassurances from their wealth managers. Writer Silvia Pavoni

War breaks out over EC hedge fund plans

July 7, 2009

Christopher Fawcett, CEO of Fauchier Partners
The European Commission's first draft for its directive on alternative investment fund managers and overseas financial centres has brought about furious accusations of protectionism, anti-Anglo-Saxon bias and unnecessary meddling. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Water: Options for a thirsty world

October 6, 2008

In true corporate fashion, many private companies are transforming the global water scarcity threat into an opportunity introducing new technology and financial products. Writer Silvia Pavoni.

Traditional values stay on top

September 1, 2008

Established financial centres still lead global rankings but their supremacy is under threat from a growing number of competitors from all over the world. By Silvia Pavoni Investment Editor.

Cruising on the settlement highway

September 1, 2008

The EU’s introduction of T2S is designed to enable easy movement across jurisdictions and bring down costs.

Supporters fight to defend the endangered ‘one bank’ model

August 4, 2008

Calls to separate UBS’s private and investment banking divisions have resulted in a heated debate among defenders and opponents alike. Silvia Pavoni reports.

Good plays can still be found

July 1, 2008

Signs of a slowdown in the real estate market are clear, but in The Banker’s 2008 real estate investment survey, Silvia Pavoni finds there are still good opportunities out there.

Secrets of success in the custodian market

July 1, 2008

Alternative investments are providing both business opportunities and challenges to custodians, whose response will determine their profile in an increasingly competitive arena, Silvia Pavoni reports.

Fragile system under pressure

July 1, 2008

An investigation into the credit default swaps market is adding to the Icelandic banking system’s woes, but banks’ soundness and international reach should help them once the storm is over, writes Silvia Pavoni.

Building the world's new infrastructure

June 2, 2008

Engineering and technological marvels are cropping up all over the world as ambition and demand for ever-more advanced infrastructure grows, writes Silvia Pavoni.

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