Bank of the Year Awards 2022 - Open for entry



Regarded as the industry standard for banking excellence, The Banker’s Bank of the Year awards will once again be contested by the world's leading financial institutions.

Judged on their ability to deliver returns, gain strategic advantage and serve their markets – winners reap huge benefits in terms of market visibility and position.

As always the competition to win will be very tough. Please be sure to get your completed questionnaires back to us within the deadline of Monday, August 1st, 2022. 

To enter this year's awards, please download and complete the Bank of the Year entry form and return to

Download the entry form:

Financial Inclusion and Banking in the Community Awards 2022

Whether in industrialised countries or developing economies, all countries face the challenge of including their poorest members in the financial system. Banks serving this segment not only perform a social function, through reducing poverty and boosting prosperity, but can also ensure a responsible and sustainable path to growth.

Download the categories and guidelines:

The Banker Awards 2010: Country Winners

December 8, 2010

The Banker's panel of judges salutes the best banks in 149 different countries based on their performances over the past year.

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The Banker's panel of judges salutes the best banks in 144 different countries based on their performances over the past year.

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Despite the fallout from the global downturn continuing to make its presence felt, optimism is returning to many areas of the banking world. The Banker's Bank of the Year Awards celebrate the achievements of the most innovative, dedicated, creative, resilient and ambitious banks in each region of the world, and across 144 countries.

The Banker Awards, 2008

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The past 12 months have been the worst in living memory for the finance industry, but such times of adversity are when banks and bankers earn their reputations. The Banker salutes the institutions that have managed the challenges the crisis presents with skill, courage and expertise.

The Banker Awards 2007

December 1, 2007

The Banker’s Bank of the Year country awards acknowledge banks for the best overall performance in their country. Our global editorial team chose the winners based on analysis of the latest results and performance data provided by the banks through questionnaires plus a review of their strategic developments and overall achievements.

The Banker Awards 2006

December 4, 2006

Banks around the world have achieved record profits and profitability for almost four years in a row as steady economic growth, especially in Asia, globalisation and the awakening of consumer finance in new markets continue to stimulate financial institutions. While uncertainties exist, the relatively benign environment is creating a bonanza for banks.

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Record growth and record profits have characterised the financial community over the past year or more but while the economic outlook is broadly positive, there are significant political and economic uncertainties at work as well.

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