Deals of the Year 2023 – Open for Entry

Deals 2023

The Banker's Deals of the Year awards 2023 celebrate the most impressive investment banking transactions across the broad spectrum of global capital markets.

There will be awards for the following 12 categories across five regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Americas and Europe. 

• Bonds: corporates

• Bonds: sovereigns, supras and agencies

• Equities (including IPOs and equity-linked)

• FIG: capital raising/restructuring

• Sustainable finance (green, social and sustainable finance deals)

• Infrastructure and project finance (including project bonds)

• Islamic finance

• Leveraged finance (including high yield bonds)

• Loans

• M&A*

• Restructuring

• Securitisation

*Region of the award is determined by the TARGET company

To be included in this year's judging process, download the categories and guidelines and return your entry submissions to by Friday, March 3rd, 2023. 

Categories and guidelines:

Deals of the Year 2008

May 5, 2008

The past 12 months have been turbulent for the banking sector. Despite the consequences of the credit crunch on structured credit models and transaction flows, both international and local banks have once again brought an impressive number of deals to the attention of The Banker’s judges. The global, regional and country winners have been picked from the 447 transactions submitted from 93 countries around the world.

Deals of the Year 2007

May 7, 2007

With a new formula and an enlarged pool of participants, Deals of the Year 2007 has for the first time declared a global winner and five regional winners from the pick of the deals in 85 countries around the world. Both international and local banks have brought an extraordinary wealth of deals to the attention of The Banker’s judges. The next pages are dedicated to the well deserved accolades.

Deals of the Year 2006

February 6, 2006

Last year’s natural and man-made disasters failed to derail the financial sector, which enjoyed a third consecutive year of economic growth. Consequently, there was a host of record deals worldwide. The Banker’s Deals of the Year 2006 shows the judges’ selections of the pick of these deals in 52 countries in calendar year 2005.

Deals of the Year 2005

February 2, 2005

2004 was not an easy year for investment bankers, with interest rate cycles beginning to tighten, middling global growth and numerous uncertainties lurking over markets. The Banker’s Deals of the Year 2005 is the pick of the best deals executed in calendar year 2004 in 48 countries around the world (Egypt and Qatar were excluded for lack of qualifying deals).

Deals of The Year 2004

February 3, 2004

This year The Banker presents its deals of the year in two ways. First are the deals of the year by category, as in previous years; then these are followed by deals of the year by country, a new feature that identifies the single best investment bank deal in each country.

Deals of the year 2002

February 2, 2003

The Banker assesses the best deals in investment banking last year. 

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