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The banking district of Panama City

Central American banks cause a stir

February 23, 2011

Though the Central American banking sector shows some mixed results, The Banker's ranking demonstrates just why the region's leading banks are drawing global attention.

Singapore’s challenge as a financial centre

February 18, 2011

Singapore is the world’s third highest ranked International Finance Centre, according to The Banker’s 2010 ranking. But in these days of volatile capital flows and worries about bank safety, how should a small country manage itself as an IFC so as to maximise the benefits and minimise the risk? 

Sberbank enjoys a comfortable position as leader of the Russian bank market

Top 75 Russian banks: State banks still dominate

January 31, 2011

The state giants still dominate the banking landscape in Russia, with private-sector institutions having much smaller market shares. The system remains largely Russian-owned, but a number of foreign-owned banks have gained a foothold and are earning a decent profit.

Top 500 Banking Brands

January 28, 2011

In a still-volatile financial climate, building and maintaining a strong brand is a vital part of every bank's operations. The Banker's Top 500 Banking Brands listing ranks the leading names.

How banks make their money

January 6, 2011

Have banks boosted their return on assets, or has profitability risen purely due to increased leverage? More than 20 years of data from The Banker can help provide an insight. Writer Philip Alexander, data research by Guillaume Hingel

New financial centres find asset management biggest challenge

December 23, 2010

Despite continued economic uncertainty in developed markets, emerging-market financial centres are growing in strength, with expanding foreign exchange markets and inward portfolio investment. However, when it comes to asset management, it could take generations for even the largest ascendant financial centres to catch up with their more established rivals. Writer Charles Piggott

Still on top: Mitsubishi UFJ is Japan's biggest bank by some distance

Poor conditions stymie Japanese momentum

December 8, 2010

Japanese banks have put themselves on a more solid footing, shown in particular by the performance of Mitsubishi UFJ, but the sluggish economy means their achievements have yet to reach spectacular levels. Writer Brian Caplen

Trouble in paradise

Under fire but fighting back

December 8, 2010

Investment into Caribbean offshore financial centres has fallen in recent years but is now picking up. However, these centres are also under international pressure over their tax and transparency arrangements, a criticism many of them view as unfair. Writer Silvia Pavoni

Latin American banks go from strength to strength

November 24, 2010

Brazilian institutions retain the top places in this year's Latin American rankings, but competition is getting fiercer as the region's banks increase in confidence and muscle.


A tale of two centres

November 24, 2010

From Hong Kong to London, established global financial centres are looking to reinvent themselves as Islamic finance hubs and capture a slice of a fast-growing and still largely untapped market.

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