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Icelandic banks' rebounding net income

September 27, 2022

While banks in the Nordic country recorded higher net income in 2021 than in 2017, inflation and increasing house prices may prove challenging in the near term.

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Malaysia’s top banks maintain robust profits

September 13, 2022

CIMB Group was the only banking group in Malaysia to see a plunge in profits in 2020, but has rebounded nicely in its most recent annual report.

Malaysia profits 1309

Moody’s slashes growth forecasts for G20

September 6, 2022

Moody's has revised down real GDP projections for 2022 and 2023.

Databank 6 Sept

Progress stalls on breaking glass ceiling in UK finance

June 28, 2022

The percentage of women in senior management in the UK’s financial services industry has flatlined in 2021 among signatories to the Women in Finance Charter. 

Female representaton 28:06
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Financial services FDI to South Africa surges despite pandemic

March 22, 2021

Total financial services capital investment into South Africa rose 41% last year, while Nigeria saw a 57% drop.

NPL levels may stymie European banking union

December 2, 2019

There remains further work to be done on reducing Europe’s NPL levels, particularly if progress is to be made on completing banking union in Europe. 

Transaction banking revenues remain stable in H1 2019

November 1, 2019

The transaction banking business continues to grow at a sure and steady pace, despite macroeconomic headwinds.

Investment banking revenues continue to fall

October 1, 2019

The headwinds facing the world’s largest investment banks have taken their toll on revenues, productivity, operating margins and headcount. 

Italian job unfinished, but progress is being made

January 17, 2019
data trends 150119

Italy’s banks have done well to reduce exposure to NPLs in recent years, but there remains much work to be done. Katrien Van Hoof reports.

Top Canadian banks report strong results

January 2, 2019
Canada charts 0119

The Canadian banking sector experienced another good year, as worries over a housing market bubble subside. Joy Macknight reports.

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