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Top 200 Latin American banks ranking 2013: The Brazilian dream team

October 31, 2013

Brazilian banks lead the way in this ranking of Latin America’s top banks, occupying the top five spots. And Bancolombia has entered the top 10, with an impressive leap in Tier 1 capital.

Top 100 China Banks ranking, 2013

Top 100 China Banks ranking, 2013: Banks continue to flourish

October 1, 2013

The Banker's ranking of China’s Top 100 banks shows the country's continued prosperity, with increases in Tier 1 capital almost across the board. 

Arab banks show clean bill of health

Top 100 Arab banks ranking, 2013: Clean bill of health

October 1, 2013

The Arab world has captured the wrong kind of attention in recent years as the Arab Spring uprisings and their aftermath have dominated global headlines. However, The Banker's Top 100 Arab Banks rankings show a banking industry that is well capitalised and well run.

Top 250 EU Banks ranking: Few bright spots

September 2, 2013

Western European banks still dominate the EU bank rankings in terms of Tier 1 capital, with the UK's HSBC coming out on top. But, there is very little to celebrate, with many institutions recording losses and grappling with high non-performing loan ratios.

Economic troubles weigh on Caribbean banks

Economic troubles weigh on Caribbean banks

August 1, 2013

Bank earnings across the Caribbean are down, as the region's lenders continue to struggle against a difficult economic backdrop. But there are still some bright spots, with a handful of banks managing to boost their asset base and retain impressive profitability.

Best banks since the crisis, 2013

August 1, 2013

The banking landscape has altered dramatically since the global financial crisis made its impact felt five years ago. The Banker looks at the performances of the leading banks in the world to see which financial institutions have coped best.

Middle East banks continue to take small steps forward

July 1, 2013

Slow but steady growth seems to be the order of the day for banks in the Middle East, with most countries in the region having something to cheer.

NPL woes continue for European lenders

July 1, 2013

Asset quality in Greece deteriorated sharply, while remaining weak in Spain, Ireland and Slovenia. By contrast, non-performing loans are falling steadily in the US.

China dominates net interest rankings

July 1, 2013

China's banking dominance has extended into the net interest income rankings, though the trading income tables have a more old-world feel to them.

Western Europe's state of inertia

July 1, 2013

Little has changed among the leading western European banks over the course of the past year, despite the best efforts of the region's authorities.

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