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Hong Kong tops inward financial services FDI ranking

June 3, 2013

Hong Kong has shown impressive growth in its foreign direct investment attraction, recording the largest global inward investment in the financial services sector.

Investment banking fees down across Europe

May 1, 2013

Despite contracting investment banking fees in Europe, Turkey, Slovakia and Croatia have bucked the trend with impressive growth.

Hong Kong supersedes Singapore in Asian FDI ranking

April 2, 2013

Hong Kong overtook Singapore in 2012 as Asia's leading financial centre for inward FDI.

Europe's financial services sector loses its FDI appeal

March 1, 2013

A difficult economic climate combined with a number of financial services sector scandals have served to deter investors from making foreign direct investments in Europe, resulting in declines in inflows across the region in 2012.

Turkey targets IFC status

Can Turkey meet IFC target in next decade?

January 2, 2013

Turkey’s government wants to establish Istanbul as an international financial hub in time for the country’s 100th anniversary as a republic in 2023. The country's geographical location certainly works to its advantage, but it has much to achieve in just 10 years. Will it succeed?

Foreign-owned banking assets flock to Hong Kong

Foreign-owned banking assets flock to Hong Kong

December 3, 2012

Hong Kong leads the world with the largest foreign-owned banking assets of any city, while Moscow offers investors the best return on assets. 

Cross-border business in an ever-tightening regulatory environment

Cross-border business in an ever-tightening regulatory environment

November 1, 2012

With global businesses operating in increasingly regulated conditions, cross-border transactions are becoming more and more complex as governments strive to protect consumers and stimulate trade while minimising risk. 

Over regulation: the short-sighted solution

Over regulation: the short-sighted solution

November 1, 2012

New financial regulations may be helping to restore investor confidence but, according to the CEO of Dexia Asset Management, they are also in danger of shaping a new investment landscape that could cause further damage to the global economy in the long term.

What matters when choosing a location

What matters when choosing a location

November 1, 2012

Insch Capital Management's CEO, Christopher Cruden, explains the benefits of the asset management firm's relocation to Ticino in Switzerland.

Why offshore financial centres matter to the global economy

November 1, 2012

Offshore financial centres are often looked upon unfavourably, accused of being hubs for tax avoidance or dodgy dealings, but they are vitally important if corporations from developed economies are to stay competitive on a global scale.

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