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Brazil and Mexico still top draws for Latam financial FDI

November 1, 2012

São Paulo may have retained its position as the leading financial centre in Latin America with regards to financial services activity, but the most impressive deal was pulled off in Mexico.

London retains asset management star billing

London retains asset management star billing

October 1, 2012

Ongoing economic and regulatory uncertainty is playing to the advantage of established international financial centres, particularly London, which, despite the recent Libor scandal, has been named the most attractive financial centre in The Banker’s 2012 global asset management survey.

Gulf three-way asset management traffic

The Gulf's three-way asset management traffic

October 1, 2012

The financial centres of Bahrain, Dubai and Qatar dominate the Gulf's economic sphere and despite some major regulatory changes, the region as a whole is becoming more attractive to international asset managers in search of investable wealth.

David and Goliath

São Paulo and Santiago: the David and Goliath of Latin America's asset management industry

October 1, 2012

Both Santiago and São Paulo are making significant strides towards becoming Latin America's foremost asset management hub. The Chilean capital has extensive experience, while the Brazilian metropolis already boasts the sixth largest asset management industry in the world. However, both are seeing their progress stunted by regulatory and taxation issues.

global asset management survey

Established centres keep hold of asset management survey top spots

October 1, 2012

With the recent Libor scandal failing to shake asset managers' confidence in London, emerging centres will have to work hard if they are to overtake the UK capital as the world's leading asset management centre.

Bangkok tops Asian return on assets ranking

October 1, 2012

Bangkok has topped the Asian ranking of IFCs by return on assets, with Beijing coming a close second, itself topping the ranking by pre-tax profits and total assets.

New York tops global IFC rankings again

September 3, 2012

The gap between New York in first place and London in second has widened in The Banker's IFC rankings, while Amsterdam and Chicago show the greatest improvement on the 2011 list.

Hong Kong enjoys FOS appeal

August 1, 2012

Beijing boasts the highest levels of asset values for IFCs among local players, but it is Hong Kong that ranks top in volumes of foreign-owned subsidiaries' assets, and it remains the go-to Asian financial centre for foreign businesses.

Beijing tops IFC asset list

July 2, 2012

The Chinese capital of Beijing has overtaken Tokyo to become the world's leading IFC when it comes to bank assets held within it.

Suleiman Barau

Nigeria targets building Africa’s dominant IFC

June 1, 2012

Given the size of its economy and the rapid pace at which it is growing, Nigeria has a good chance of establishing an international financial centre to rival Johannesburg – Africa's only IFC. The west African country is already close to creating the legal framework necessary, but overcoming the negative perceptions of many international banks will prove a tricky obstacle to overcome.

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