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Without frontiers

November 7, 2005

The European Commission wants to boost efficiency in the mortgage market by creating a single European market for the sector. But care needs to be taken in establishing such a market, which must be free and open.

More accounting rules

November 7, 2005

Proposed by the Committee of European Banking Supervisors, translated from officialese by Michael Imeson.

A chance to win business benefits

November 7, 2005

Ravi Varadachari explains how banks that plan to comply with Basel II’s advanced approaches can use them for strategic decision making, such as capital allocation for individual lines of business.

A starring role for market discipline

November 7, 2005

Market discipline should be used to lower the risk of arbitrary supervisory discretion in the implementation of pillar 2 of the Basel II Accord. Professor Harald Benink addresses the latest global developments on Basel from a European perspective.

Get the rules right

November 7, 2005

As US concerns over minimum regulatory capital requirements come late in the day, the Basel Committee must seriously consider delaying implementation, says John D Hawke Jr.
On September 30 the US bank regulatory agencies announced a revised schedule for the implementation of Basel II, the new capital standards for internationally active banks.

Ease the path to compliance

November 7, 2005

Banks can make their Basel II compliance journey easier if they know which stage they are at, what problems they are likely to face and what solutions they can rely on. Arun Pingaley and Kiran Narsu outline a compliance continuum.

Spreading the word

November 7, 2005

Fifteen months after the Basel II framework was published, the European Commission has turned it into a new law – the Capital Requirements Directive. Michael Imeson reports on the translation and adoption travails ahead.

Shining light on bank profits

October 3, 2005

Banks’ secrecy over how they achieve their results is far from ideal for investors. Brian Caplen asks whether it is time these institutions stopped being so protective over their methods.

At home and away

October 3, 2005

There are many forms of partnership, offering different benefits and solutions. If you have not so far considered working with a banking partner, writes Jim Carrabino, the chances are that your competitors have, and are already experiencing the benefits.

A successful joint venture

October 3, 2005

Fiona Clutterbuck warns that although partnerships can be supportive and enduring, companies must be aware of the potential for failure through factors such as incompatibility, lack of planning and weak leadership.

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