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Citigroup spreads its success

November 6, 2006

Citigroup’s EMEA consumer businesses share best practices to great effect. Recent UK head Nandan Mer talks to Michael Imeson.

South Africa's banks bullied over payments

November 6, 2006

Banks in South Africa are being forced to open up the payments system to newcomers and slash transaction charges, writes Michael Imeson.

Be ready to catch the Web 2.0 wave

October 2, 2006

The next generation of web usage, boosted by the spread of broadband, is going to be bigger and more diverse than ever – so banks should rethink their online strategy now. Stephen Timewell looks at the latest developments.

Erste keeps a check on its aspirations

October 2, 2006

Austria’s Erste Bank is clear about its target market in the fast-expanding countries of central and eastern Europe. CEO Andreas Treichl explains why to Stephen Timewell.
A decade ago, Austria’s banks were not foreseen as the future dominant force in the development of banking in central and eastern Europe (CEE).

Breaking down the barriers

October 2, 2006

Any time now the Payments Services Directive should be adopted. So how it will affect Sepa and financial institutions?By Michael Imeson.

Strength in partnership

October 2, 2006

As increasing regulation spawns greater competition, banks would do well to reconsider their business models – many may find that partnership is the best route for their business. By Tom Isaac.

Embrace the new efficiency

October 2, 2006

Moves towards economic harmonisation have been slow in coming but the new regulations mean corporates and banks will now have no option but to change. By Eric Sepkes.

Small savings, wide efficiencies

October 2, 2006

The real benefits for companies will not be in the small savings in transaction costs but in the wider efficiencies that Sepa will introduce to payments systems and markets. By Michael Imeson.

Benefits of the simple life

October 2, 2006

Corporate treasuries are looking at how best to rationalise and automate their payment processes in order to achieve greater efficiencies and cut costs in account and payment structures. By Michael Guralnick.

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