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Improving risk management in Islamic finance

September 1, 2008

Better disclosure, improved corporate governance and further progress in devising sharia-compliant derivatives are among the crucial requirements. By Shamshad Akhtar.

Chris Gentle: Mind the governance gap to reduce risk

September 1, 2008

Financial markets are experiencing almost unparallelled turbulence. Write-offs continue to mount – estimates now top $1000bn; job cuts are becoming more commonplace; and many senior executives have been axed. A few household names have even disappeared for good. But some financial institutions will become stronger in the aftermath of the credit crunch.

Kind endeavours and corporate kudos

April 3, 2006

As Barclays CEO John Varley takes the homelessness baton from HSBC co-head of CIBM John Studzinski, they talk to Karina Robinson about charity work and corporate social responsibility.

Control and survive

October 3, 2005

Good corporate governance is an essential part of every board director’s job.Michael Imeson reports from a briefing that focused on the key issues from a banker’s perspective.

How the Group of Eight ousted Purcell

August 1, 2005

Through a ruthless public relations campaign, eight dissidents brought about Phil Purcell’s exit from the CEO post at Morgan Stanley. Nick Kochan looks at how and why they did it and asks if this sets a precedent in corporate governance.

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