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Moscow millionaires

Russia’s rich bring it all back home

February 14, 2011

Russian wealth management clients are moving assets back onshore, as the country provides its richest citizens with tempting investment opportunities in their native land.

Brazil's increasing affluence is creating an expanding clientele for wealth management firms

Wealth management boom in Brazil

January 31, 2011

Business is booming for the wealth management sector in Brazil. Large domestic banks still dominate the industry but international players have found plenty of scope to move in on this expanding market.

Wealth of promise

September 29, 2010

A flourishing private banking sector is developing in Turkey, as bank and wealth managers compete for the deposits of the wealthy, causing some high-net-worth Turkish individuals and institutional investors that previously entrusted their funds to European and US banks to shift their business to domestic institutions. Writer Metin Demirsar

A cautionary tale

May 5, 2010

As appetite for equity slowly returns to the world's markets, private banking clients remain shy of structured products. And if they are to be tempted back to this once-booming sector, there must be a shift towards more transparent and less complex products. Writer Silvia Pavoni

The differing strategies of Germany's private banks

December 30, 2009

Deutsche Bank's planned takeover of Sal Oppenheim will leave the German private banking sector dominated by two key players. However, Deutsche and Commerzbank are pursuing very different strategies. Writer Michael Marray

UBS returns to its roots

June 4, 2009

Investment banking losses and US tax evasion charges sent clients of the leading wealth manager scurrying for the exits. But the crisis has renewed UBS's determination to succeed in private banking. Writer Philip Alexander

Crisis of faith for private bankers

June 4, 2009

Like their investment banking counterparts, private bankers are also facing an identity crisis as the failure to protect clients' wealth threatens to tarnish the industry and inhibit future growth. There are many different responses. Writer Philip Alexander

Models change shape

March 5, 2007

The offshore and onshore wealth management business models are having to be reshaped as Europe regulates more heavily and wealth creation increases in emerging markets. Silvia Pavoni reports.

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