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Power to report

September 2, 2004

As financial services firms are bombarded by new regulations, they are being forced to change their methods of reporting. This is generating a massive shift in IT investment, says Anthony Gandy.

Costs to watch

September 2, 2004

Banks around the world are facing increasing regulatory obligations and ballooning associated costs. Michael Imeson examines some of the advice that is on offer on how to cope with the ever-increasing demands.

Basel’s new dawn

September 2, 2004

With the publication of the Basel II framework, The Banker asks Vijay Sharma, head of i-flex consulting, what banks should now be doing to prepare for the framework becoming statute.

What drives change?

September 2, 2004

As businesses have become increasingly globalised and more complex, moving into new territory, regulators have been obliged to adapt compliance rules in a bid to make financial information more consistent. Subrata Majmudar examines the challenges.

Reality check on Basel II

July 1, 2004

As the Basel Committee releases the new Accord rules, Accenture, Mercer Oliver Wyman and SAP provide analysis of a research project on the implementation of Basel II. In this first section, they consider banks’ progress and the bumpy road ahead of them.

Are Basel II’s pillars strong enough?

July 1, 2004

Although the proposed new accord is an important improvement on Basel I, it fails to create a supervisory regime that embodies a credible and strong market discipline, says Harald Benink.
John Hawke: “We have really no sound basis whatsoever for assessing capital impact”

Laying the groundwork

July 1, 2004

Compliance with Basel II has the potential to bring improved financial performance to an organisation but only if it is applied uniformly across the whole organisation, says Jason Kofman.

Disasters: Why experts fail to predict them

February 3, 2004

Why do experts fail to predict company failures such as Parmalat, Enron and WorldCom? To find out, The Banker invited credit and rating analysts and auditors to a roundtable discussion to explore the issues. The discussion got quite heated as the finger was pointed at the various parties and a proposal to change the way underwriters get paid was put up for debate

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