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Target2-Securities: a hit or miss for Europe?

September 2, 2013

European securities will soon be settled on a central IT platform – Target2 Securities (T2S) – as part of the European Central Bank's initiative to harmonise post-trade standards. With the first wave of implementation scheduled for 2015, Duygu Tavan investigates how the T2S project is progressing and its consequences for the securities industry.

Opportunity and chaos: Sibos 2013 technology preview

August 12, 2013

Ahead of Sibos 2013, The Banker's technology editor, Duygu Tavan, talks about the difficulties in implementing the Target2-Securities regulation and discusses the recent developments in corporate bank messaging.

Top 20 European banks – risk weights and impairments TEASER

Regulators get heavy on risk weights

August 1, 2013

The process of risk-weighting assets to determine banks' capital adequacy has attracted criticism, but European regulators are keen to improve rather than eliminate it.

How to save international banking

July 29, 2013

Shifting regulatory responsibility away from international bodies and putting it into national hands is threatening the globalised nature of banking. The banking community should instead be concentrating on broadening and strengthening the remit of international supervisors.

Financial market regulation – the letters of the law

Financial market regulation – the letters of the law

July 1, 2013

Across all asset classes and from retail to sophisticated clients, new regulations agreed at the international, regional and national level are occupying an increasing share of business managers’ time. The Banker crystallises the latest thinking on the acronyms that are keeping financial market participants awake at night.

Never mind the banking union in Europe

May 28, 2013

A European banking union means little unless there is greater consultation on the regulation of cross-border banking groups between home and host nations, and not just in Europe.

Regulatory wave poses a challenge for cross-border banking

March 1, 2013

It is not just the number, but also the complexity and regional variations of new banking regulations that are posing a challenge to international banks.

Basel III reshapes trade finance

Basel III reshapes trade finance

March 1, 2013

As Basel III regulations come into play, banks looking for a quick fix to bulky balance sheets are divesting their trade finance assets, creating a gap in the market that investor groups and other alternative financiers are keen to fill.

cover story March 2013

Collateral: the hunt is on

March 1, 2013

More people need it, there might not be enough of it, and much of it is locked up and cannot get to where it needs to go. Collateral is in demand and the hunt is on.

Pressing ahead with Sepa

February 1, 2013

After years of uncertainty, companies now have to be prepared for the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) because it’s the law. Rather than merely complying with SEPA rules and regulations, corporates need to focus on the opportunities that SEPA brings, says Robin Terry, head of business development and sales for HSBC’s cash management business in Europe

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