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The data game

December 2, 2003

Once touted as the next big thing, customer relationship management
failed to deliver. Now data warehousing is helping it to fulfil its
initial promise. Parveen Bansal explains how.

Tuning into the right channels

December 2, 2003

Multi-channel banking has become the norm for customers. Rekha Menon reports on developments in the four crucial areas of ATM, call centre, internet and bricks-and-mortar branches.

Make it personal

December 2, 2003

ATMs are customers’ primary point of contact with banks, making them
the perfect marketing channel. To maximise success, however, says Jeff
Lutz, information should be targeted.

Hungary’s OTP tastes success

December 2, 2003

Hungary’s OTP Bank is finally celebrating its profitable privatisation,
with a growing client base that enjoys a variety of sophisticated
access channels. Parveen Bansal talks to deputy CEO Csaba Lantos about the bank’s plans to be a major player in the region.

A bigger slice of the wallet beckons

November 3, 2003

Kasikornbank’s David Hendrix talks to The Banker about the bank’s restructure and progress in growing the retail business – improving efficiency and cutting costs while enhancing customer service.

Russian banks fight harder for consumer business

November 3, 2003

Competition is heating up among Russia’s banks and foreign players for a slice of the growing retail banking and mortgage lending markets that are catering for the new middle class. Anthony Robinson reports from Moscow.

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