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Alexander Labak, CEO of Home Credit

Consumer lending moves eastwards

December 8, 2010

Home Credit Group, one of the largest unsecured retail lending specialists in eastern Europe, is pioneering the model in China and Vietnam. Writer Philip Alexander

Albanian banking sector grow

Albania's banks take small steps

November 24, 2010

Now Albania has emerged from the financial crisis in relatively sound health, its banks are setting their sights on prudent expansion.

Contactless technology has a future, but obstacles remain for the banking sector

Lack of standards hinders contactless payments

November 24, 2010

Undeterred by previous false starts, new waves of contactless payment initiatives are being unveiled. But getting the banks, retailers, software developers and customers all working in unison is proving difficult.

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The remarkable resilience of Pakistan's banks

July 28, 2010

Despite an extremely challenging fiscal, political and security environment, Pakistan's banks have remained remarkably resilient. But high interest rates, low economic activity and a bruised consumer portfolio continue to suppress loan growth. Writer Michelle Price

The core banking system market is booming

July 28, 2010

The market for core banking systems is booming, spurred on by institutions looking to provide better services and products in an increasingly competitive environment. But methods of achieving these goals vary by region and institution. Writer John Beck


Will a new business model reinvigorate the credit card industry?

May 28, 2010

Troubled since 2005, the UK credit card industry has been suffering a severe test of profitability. But credit card issuers are hoping to rejuvenate the industry by moving to a more convenience-focused, sustainable and transparent business model.

Reaching out to the financially excluded

May 28, 2010

Banks that ignore the huge numbers of people who remain outside the financial system may be missing an opportunity to improve their image and increase their profits. Silvia Pavoni reports.

Lean and liquid

May 5, 2010

The Russian consumer lending boom came to an abrupt end in late 2008, but convergence between consumer finance and traditional retail banking is providing the tools for sustainable growth. Writer Philip Alexander

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Eyes on the prize

May 5, 2010

Retail banking in South Africa has emerged relatively unscathed from the global recession. Bankers are now taking advantage of the upturn, the confidence generated by the forthcoming World Cup hosted in the country and the largely untapped potential presented by the under-banked and unbanked population. Writer Michael Imeson


Vietnam braced for retail ramp-up

March 3, 2010

Vietnam's large unbanked population and its growing middle class present a major opportunity for local and foreign banks alike, who see vast potential in the country's underdeveloped retail banking and consumer finance sectors. Writer Michelle Price

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