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Nigerian banks begin eating into South African dominance

July 2, 2007

Africa is changing and it is not just $11.7bn of Chinese investment in recent years that is making a difference. Nigeria’s banks are bulking up as a result of central bank governor Charles Soludo’s new capital requirements, and are becoming bigger and stronger through multiple mergers and acquisitions.

No end to the profits boom

July 2, 2007

Lower oil prices have not dried out the huge liquidity available to most Middle East banks, which have continued to produce booming profits and strong growth in the region, especially in the Gulf. As a result, the number of banks from the Middle East region in the 2007 Top 1000 has increased from 83 last year to 94.

Small sector makes high returns

July 2, 2007

Latin America is booming and so are its banks. The demand for commodities from a resource-hungry Asia and the consequent price boost is a gift to a continent that, bar a few countries, is not following the value-added model of economic development.

Bank of America moves into pole position despite domestic focus

July 2, 2007

Bank of America has stolen the crown of Citigroup. The bank, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, motored ahead of the erstwhile number one bank in our list and is now the largest bank in North America and in the world, with Tier 1 capital of $91,065m.

China’s big three dominate the region and widen gap with rivals

July 2, 2007

The latest Top 25 Asian listing emphasises the growing dominance of the big state-controlled Chinese banks. Following their recent record initial public offerings (IPOs), the big three state banks, led by ICBC with a Tier 1 capital of $59.2bn, and followed by Bank of China ($52.5bn) and last year’s leader, China Construction Bank ($42.3bn), have moved far away from their nearest Asian competitor, National Australia Bank with $17.5bn.

Loan performance improves but Tier 1 capital declines

July 2, 2007

Japan’s banks may be out of hot water in terms of reducing non-performing loans (NPLs) as a percentage of their overall loan portfolios, but they continue to struggle to grow pre-tax profits and assets.

Sberbank holds reign in region

July 2, 2007

There are no surprises in the geographical composition of the Top 25 banks for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Russian banks still dominate the listing with 18 lenders and a total $34.9bn in Tier 1 capital.

Investment opportunities amid political risk

July 2, 2007

Foreign banks are finding that the lure of Iran’s large population, oil-rich heritage and privatisation opportunities may outweigh the risks, writes Karina Robinson from Tehran.

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