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What the bankers say

January 8, 2007

Will opportunities in the emerging economies help soften the blow of an economic slowdown in the US? Or are environmental issues the primary concern of global banks? Silvia Pavoni questions nine top bankers about what 2007 holds for them.

Liberalisation is not a free ride into China

January 8, 2007

Despite China opening up banking to foreigners, incomers will face difficult challenges to make an impact on such a gargantuan market.

Shining light on bank profits

October 3, 2005

Banks’ secrecy over how they achieve their results is far from ideal for investors. Brian Caplen asks whether it is time these institutions stopped being so protective over their methods.

Playing with fire

December 1, 2004

Leading investment banks’ lucrative relationships with hedge funds have multiplied across a number of business silos. But their exposure to risk has grown too. Could their overlapping business lines spell trouble in difficult markets?

Hitting the FIG jackpot

August 4, 2003

Bankers used to roll out the red carpet for corporate CEOs who were their most important clients. Now most of their business is coming from other banks. Brian Caplen reports on the rise of the financial institutions group.

The big chill

May 2, 2003

As banks face some of the most challenging times in two decades and optimists are talking up a post-Iraq conflict recovery, Karina Robinson looks at the possibility and grim implications of a 10-year bear market.

Who will merge next?

June 2, 2001

It is not a matter of how, but of when. A major cross-border bank merger in Europe involving core countries is imminent. Investment banks are busy advising their clients on possible deals, bank chief executives are flying back and forth having talks with their counterparts and lawyers are looking at the legal implications.

Avoiding the fall-out

March 2, 2001

European and American banks will have to cut costs, deepen customer relationships and search for new opportunities in order to weather the US slowdown.

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