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Testing times lie ahead for supervisors

December 2, 2003

Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, maps out the route to a stronger banking sector in China.

CEOs prescribe rapid transition for the relief of merger pain

November 3, 2003

The Banker is not trying to emulate Tatler or other society magazines with their focus on personalities. All the same, in the financial industry and beyond we constantly demonstrate that we have access to the senior players that is second to none. Last month, we featured HSBC’s chairman Sir John Bond on the cover. This month, we have interviews and input from a wide variety of senior figures, ranging from Hong Kong property magnate Vincent Lo to US Securities and Exchange Commission chairman William Donaldson, who discusses the implications of Sarbanes-Oxley in Viewpoint.

Who is regulating the regulators?

November 3, 2003

Everyone is talking about regulation and little wonder, considering the burden and cost. Over-regulation not only poses a threat to the finance industry today – it is storing up problems for tomorrow.

Madrid puts Basel II back on track for 2006 implementation

November 3, 2003

Following the Basel Committee meeting last month, the US is on side again and the accord looks likely to keep within its timetable.

Legislation changes fuel euroscepticism in London

November 3, 2003

Paranoia is in vogue in UK financial circles. The EU’s recent move to ban internalisation could hit London exchanges hard and the europhobes are out in force.

Regulatory risk may be next banana skin

November 3, 2003

One of the biggest risks for the financial system is regulation, says City of London think tank, the CSFI.

Freddie Mac scandal deepens

November 3, 2003

Freddie Mac, the US’s second largest mortgage finance lender, is delaying its earnings restatement until this month, having previously said it would restate its earnings for 2000-2002 by the end of the third quarter.

Deutsche wins Saudi licence

November 3, 2003

In an important financial and political move, Saudi Arabia announced it would grant a full branch banking licence to Germany’s Deutsche Bank, Europe’s second largest bank by assets.

Australia slashes credit card interchange fees

November 3, 2003

Interchange fees for credit card transactions in Australia are to be virtually halved following tough action by the Reserve Bank of Australia (central bank) and the failure of an appeal by Visa, MasterCard and BankCard in the federal court.

US loan persuades Turkey to send troops to Iraq

November 3, 2003

The Turkish government is gearing up to dispatch troops to Iraq to assist in US-led peacekeeping operations and in the rebuilding of its south-eastern neighbour, in return for an $8.5bn soft US loan, despite protests from the Iraqis themselves and from Kurds living in the northern part of the country, writes Metin Demirsar.

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