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Singaporean solution is best defence against unemployment

February 3, 2004

At a time when growth does not necessarily mean more jobs, governments must take a proactive stance to keep people in work.

Why the US deficit

February 3, 2004

Andrew Smithers argues that the US current account deficit is too small and its financial markets need to fall.

US banks show record profits

February 3, 2004

Top US banks, led by Citigroup, again produced strong profits growth in the fourth quarter and for all of 2003, reflecting imp-roved credit quality and strength in retail financial services.

Emerging markets see net capital flows rocket

February 3, 2004

Net capital flows to emerging market economies jumped sharply in 2003, gaining more than 50% to reach $187bn, and are expected to rise further in 2004, according to the latest report from the Washington-based Institute of International Finance (IIF).

China bolsters banks with forex reserves capital

February 3, 2004

Two weeks before the Chinese New Year, the Chinese government provided two of the country’s biggest state-owned banks a much-needed gift: new capital of $45bn.

First private banks open in Syria as law aims to break CBS dominance

February 3, 2004

Two private banks have opened in Syria, the first since the nationalisation of the banking system in 1961, and more are expected to open soon.

Pakistan agrees to sell majority stake in Habib

February 3, 2004

Pakistan has decided to sell 51% of the shares of Habib Bank to the Geneva-based Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) for about $400m in one of the country’s biggest privatisation deals ever, writes Farhan Bokhari.

How Bush ruined a decade’s good work

February 3, 2004

Jeffrey D Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, predicts a U-turn on tax cuts as George W Bush’s fiscal policy goes belly-up.

The sacred and the mundane

January 5, 2004

Javier Valls, chairman of Banco Popular Espańol, tells Karina Robinson about the strategy he and his brother Luis are using to ensure the bank remains successful and efficient.

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