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Support Putin or face a return to the bad old days

December 2, 2003

Western investors should back President Putin in his battle with the
oligarchs, who are likely to block any reforms that would harm their
own interests.

Rethink due on rating agencies

December 2, 2003

A recent decision by S&P is the latest to have the markets wondering if agencies are objective enough.

Why China is Hong Kong’s best friend

December 2, 2003

The opening up of the mainland will attract foreign investment into the city state and bolster its exports.

Market events make an irrational argument

December 2, 2003

Received economic wisdom is that financial markets are efficient. But looking at events of recent years, John Kay begs to differ.

Saarland to part-sell Sparkassen

December 2, 2003

The saarland may be one of Germany’s smallest states but what it lacks
in size, it makes up for in boldness. Last month, the Saarland
government shook German banking by confirming plans for the first ever
privatisation of Sparkassen (publicly owned savings banks).

ICICI targets UK through alliance with Lloyds TSB

December 2, 2003

India’s second-largest bank, ICICI Bank has set up a UK banking
subsidiary offering a range of products targeted at corporations and
high net worth individuals as well as a unique alliance with a major UK

IBM stresses need to plan for disasters

December 2, 2003

The horrendous recent bombings in Istanbul and the devastation caused
to HSBC’s headquarters there highlight yet again not only the human
consequences of such terrorism but also the impact on institutions and
systems. The challenge is how to assess the risks adequately and how to

Turkish exchange faces charges of negligence

December 2, 2003

Turkish state investigators probing the collapse of Imar Bankasi – a
medium-sized bank that was owned by one of Turkey's richest families,
the controversial Uzans – have filed legal suits against the Capital
Market Board, an agency regulating securities trading, and the Istanbul
Stock Exchange.

Testing times lie ahead for supervisors

December 2, 2003

Liu Mingkang, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, maps out the route to a stronger banking sector in China.

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