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Cracks are showing in the bull market as doubters flag up risk

June 5, 2006

We’re at that stage of a bull market when the bulls are still thundering but a lot of other folk – the more conservative investors, bankers and regulators – are sounding notes of caution. The phenomenon appears in several guises in this month’s edition of The Banker.

Africa’s growth drive is key to prosperity

May 2, 2006

African governments and institutions are becoming increasingly professional, underpinned by an understanding of what is required to thrive in a globalised marketplace, says Patrick Cescau.

Salvation for global imbalances

May 2, 2006

Jean-Philippe Cotis asks which kinds of reforms in Europe and Japan would help to reduce the US’s gaping external deficit.

A Fund in search of a raison d’être

May 2, 2006

With the global balance of economic power shifting, the role the IMF should play is increasingly uncertain.

Old foes eschew nationalism in south-east Europe banking deal

May 2, 2006

National Bank of Greece’s purchase of Turkey’s Finansbank, and other cross-border deals, counter continent’s protectionism adherents.

Powerful forces of change sweeping through the industry

May 2, 2006

The Banker magazine has been recording change for 80 years and so our journalists (even though none of us dates back quite that far) are well used to, if not a little blasé about, the phenomenon.

Kind endeavours and corporate kudos

April 3, 2006

As Barclays CEO John Varley takes the homelessness baton from HSBC co-head of CIBM John Studzinski, they talk to Karina Robinson about charity work and corporate social responsibility.

Balance is the key to EU strength

April 3, 2006

As his country hosts the EU presidency, Austrian chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel says the European competitiveness agenda can be boosted.

US seeking antidote to the Chávez effect

April 3, 2006

Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez’s anti-US stance is causing consternation in Washington, says Peter Hakim.

Dubai Ports debacle will return to haunt an over-protective US

April 3, 2006

Protectionism and nationalism can only harm the reputation of developed countries that use them to retain the status quo.

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