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The Bracken column is named after Brendan Bracken, the founding editor of The Banker in 1926 and chairman of the modern-day Financial Times from 1945 to 1958.

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Putting securitisation back on the road

August 27, 2012

The troubled past of some securitisation products is making the comeback of this financial tool in Europe slow and fragile, but unless a bridge can be built from the current situation to an active securitisation market, the hopes for any growth in the continent will dim dramatically. Maybe the new Prime Collateralised Securities label can be that bridge.

Structural risks persist in the UAE banking sector

July 24, 2012

Banks in the United Arab Emirates are generating decent profits, but there are still significant underlying risks in the operating environment that all market participants need to address.

How to improve trustee responses to bond defaults

July 2, 2012

The financial crisis has highlighted the need for more efficient processes to indemnify bond trustees so that they can consider litigation against a defaulting issuer more rapidly.

Money laundering: a global solution to a global problem?

May 28, 2012

As money-laundering is a cross-border problem, banks and regulators need to take a global approach to control the risks effectively.

Retrospective taxation could prove an own goal for cash-strapped governments

April 23, 2012

At a time of fiscal austerity across many countries in Europe, clampdowns on tax planning by large corporates or wealthy individuals play favourably with voters. But they can also undermine competitiveness and the fragile economic recovery.

The repo market is vital, not villainous

March 26, 2012

The misuse of the repo market by Lehman Brothers and MF Global should not prompt hasty regulation proposals, because the vast majority of repo activity is entirely transparent and straightforward.

Regulatory change: a key driver for banking sector M&A

March 1, 2012

Financial institutions will have to determine how to adapt their businesses to the new regulatory and economic environment, but this means more than simply deleveraging.

Keep a balanced view on Hungary

February 1, 2012

The international community should not use the threat of financial ruin to overrule Hungary's democratically elected government.

Rethink needed on bank stress-testing

January 3, 2012

With certain banks in the core eurozone states initially passing the European Banking Authority's generic stress-tests but then needing to be saved, surely now is the time to apply more rigorous testing procedures much like those endured by banks in the eurozone periphery countries?

Five principles of financial regulation for the post-crisis world

December 1, 2011

As regulators the world over attempt to come up with rules to prevent a repeat of the global financial crisis, the Reserve Bank of India has adhered to five basic principles of financial regulation that all central banks would do well to follow.

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