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The Bracken column is named after Brendan Bracken, the founding editor of The Banker in 1926 and chairman of the modern-day Financial Times from 1945 to 1958.

Latest articles from Bracken

Look to the futures market to solve carbon tax conundrum

August 27, 2013

When it comes to the issue of global warming, a carbon tax that forces all sides to put their money where their mouth is on the futures market could help to resolve a long-running debate.

How to save international banking

July 29, 2013

Shifting regulatory responsibility away from international bodies and putting it into national hands is threatening the globalised nature of banking. The banking community should instead be concentrating on broadening and strengthening the remit of international supervisors.

Better technology would bring better banking supervision

July 1, 2013

The process for deciding upon and implementing global reforms could be made much more effective and time efficient if the global supervisory community invested more in technology, which would improve both international communications and data collection and analysis.

A good time to start a new bank in the UK?

May 28, 2013

The UK's financial regulators are seeking to encourage more competition in the country's banking sector by making it easier to establish a new bank, but there are non-regulatory barriers as well.

An Icelandic lesson of recovery for Cyprus

April 29, 2013

The problems that have beset Cyprus this year have an all too familiar ring to them, but the post-crisis reaction to its economic problems by Iceland show how a full investigation into the causes of a financial crisis are essential to enable a new system that is fit for purpose to be established.

How can European banks make themselves investible?

March 22, 2013

More radical steps are needed in reforming the structure, ownership and incentives for banks to make them a more attractive long-term investment.

Reputation: a matter for the board, not just the press office

February 25, 2013

The reputational damage from governance scandals can very rapidly turn into financial damage for banks and their shareholders.

Liquidity regulation can reduce liquidity

January 28, 2013

Liquidity has the unpleasant habit of vanishing when it is needed most, and liquidity requirements for banks have the potential to make this problem work. The recent decision of the Basel Committee to broaden the set of assets eligible for the liquidity coverage ratio alleviates some of the issues – but more work is needed.

Risk management is a tool for strategy, not just compliance

January 2, 2013

While regulation provides strong impetus to improve risk management systems, banks can use it as an opportunity to improve their strategy and overall competitiveness.

How to spot a bank at risk of failure

November 26, 2012

Bank failures, especially in emerging markets, tend to have common characteristics that resist the best efforts of regulators.

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