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Gulf exchange buy-ins must be accepted

October 1, 2007

As the world enters a new era of diverse wealth distribution, global financial institutions must reflect the change.

Northern Rock crisis reveals fissures in oversight structure

October 1, 2007

The current debacle over Northern Rock is going to lead to a complete rethink on markets and the way they are governed.

Hypocrisy over sovereign wealth funds

September 3, 2007

Given current regulations regarding SWFs, the US and EU have no right to attack emerging economies on how they invest.

Damn the purists, greater good demands central bank intrusion

September 3, 2007

Government intervention may let the financially reckless off the hook but it can also prevent the wider economy from collapsing.

Oil price hikes offer Africa a silver lining

August 1, 2007

Climbing oil prices may be a headache for the West, but could provide Africa with much needed development revenue.

Subprime mortgage woes

August 1, 2007

As major players face rating downgrades, observers wonder if the problems in the credit market will cascade into the equity markets.

par excellence

July 2, 2007

It is high time France was given some credit for operating an economy that is more open than most to foreign companies.

The miscalculation of posturing over currency misalignment

July 2, 2007

The US and IMF’s targeting of China’s currency has as much to do with playing to the political gallery as it does with economics.

China and Africa’s mutual back scratching

June 4, 2007

A 10-fold increase in bilateral trade means China is set to eclipse Europe and the US as the main foreign actor in Africa.

America’s attack-dog foreign policy thrown to the wolves

June 4, 2007

Much work is required for the US to regain a position of moral authority required to take on new challenges around the world.

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