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TEASER-Mark Carney Canada central bank governor

New Bank of England governor on the importance of being regulated

November 26, 2012

The recently appointed governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, explains how tightening regulatory framework is essential in order to ensure economic stability.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva TEASER

Europe's hold on economic institutions must be broken

September 24, 2012

Former Brazil president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva says the rapid growth of emerging economies such as Brazil is changing the global economic order, but this reality is yet to be acknowledged by the world's major economic institutions, where Europeans hold a disproportionate amount of power.

Suma Chakrabarti TEASER

Why the EBRD is extending its reach

September 3, 2012

The EBRD has taken on a new region of operation at a time of unprecedented economic turbulence, but it has the resources and experience to make investments that can help transform troubled economies.

Norman T L Chan TEASER

A global awakening to the importance of good discipline

September 3, 2012

Financial and macroeconomic stability will be achieved through monetary, fiscal and market discipline, but only when important structural imbalances in major developed economies have been corrected.

Reshaping the Asia-Latam trade relationship

Reshaping the Asia-Latam trade relationship

September 3, 2012

Economic ties between Asia and Latin America are booming amid a sluggish world economy, but to unlock the full potential of this economic relationship, there must be more investment in connectivity, a removal of policy impediments, and more inter-regional engagement.

Alexandre Tombini TEASER

The rising role of central banks in monetary policies

September 3, 2012

The post-crisis environment has seen central banks play an increasingly large role in the financial stability policies of many countries. Central bankers need to understand how price and financial stability policies must work together for the best best results.

Christos Staikouras TEASER

Why Greece must balance growth and austerity policies

September 3, 2012

For the past few years Greece, has been fighting its fiscal deficit with a harsh austerity programme. However, the limited success of this approach means that if the country is to make a sustainable recovery from its current economic crisis, its policies must focus more on instigating growth.

Abdullah Saud Al-Thani TEASER

Qatar Central Bank moves closer to its goal

September 3, 2012

With the same proactive approach that allowed the country to steer clear of the worst of the global economic crisis, Qatar's central bank is preparing the country's banks sector for regulatory pressures ahead, while ensuring they can meet the large-scale funding requirements that come with the country hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Caleb Fundanga TEASER

African central banks should invest in Africa's development

September 3, 2012

Africa’s central banks have amassed huge foreign reserves over the last decade, but they typically invest the majority of them in low-yielding developed world assets. They should look to put them to work in Africa instead.

Juan Carlos Echeverry TEASER

Colombia constructs the framework for a resilient economy

September 3, 2012

A combination of responsible fiscal control, economic diversification and social inclusion make for a resilient economy. While Colombia has made significant strides towards achieving such equilibrium there is still headway to be made, with issues such as the country's stubbornly high unemployment rate, social inequality, and the threat from narcotraffickers still to be tackled.

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