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7 Elizabeth Mrema

Elizabeth Mrema: Businesses must prepare for greater scrutiny over nature-related risks

September 22, 2022

Nature-related risks are the next frontier for achieving genuinely sustainable finance and business practices, and soon the regulation will follow, argues the co-chair of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures and executive secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Viewpoint Africa Fintech

Investors seeking outsized returns should bet on African fintechs

August 18, 2022

At the vanguard of Africa’s fintech sector is a new, tech-savvy generation that is keen on disrupting traditional markets that aren’t serving them.

Mary Ellen Iskenderian

What the Ukrainian refugee crisis can teach us about banking for women

July 18, 2022

Women’s World Banking is conducting fact-finding interviews with Ukrainian refugees to help articulate their financial needs to international policy-makers and banks. Mary Ellen Iskenderian, president and CEO, talks to The Banker about the research.


Financial inclusion at a crossroads: now is the time to think again

June 14, 2022

A blind faith belief in unfettered investor-backed fintechs driving financial inclusion may lead to similar traps to those microfinance faced, including over-indebtedness.


Centralisation is detrimental to the growth of UK SMEs

May 11, 2022

Innovation and entrepreneurship need to be supported. Regional banks, with local knowledge and better understanding of business risks, can help small enterprises grow and thrive.

Sophie Sirtaine

Financial inclusion at a crossroads: now is the time to get it right

April 20, 2022

With increased fragility and inequality in the world, it is now more important than ever to bridge the financial inclusion gap.

Dante Mossi

Central America’s sustainable recovery

March 28, 2022

Dr Dante Mossi, executive president of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (Cabei), talks to Joy Macknight about how it is helping the region’s farmers and small producers reactivate and transform their businesses to ensure a sustainable future.

EIB comment

Women: our best opportunity

March 8, 2022

Supporting women entrepreneurs requires less talk and more action on key areas such as helping women find the funds and technical advice needed to grow their business, as well as investing with a gender lens.

John Ahern

Developments in crypto asset regulation in Europe and the UK

February 8, 2022

Regulators in the UK and EU are looking to extend their regulatory reach to include crypto assets in all their guises.

Martin Lindstrom

What Generation Zs think of banks

February 7, 2022

A new age of banking is upon us, but are banks still caught in an old mindset of what the customer wants?

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