Welcome to The Banker’s Day 1 Programme for Sibos 2022: Monday 10 October


12:15 BST: Connecting digital islands: Joining up digital currencies and payment systems

The panel will explore what banks, central banks and payment networks need to do to ensure interoperability between the existing and the new. For instance, how will banks on different networks be able to identify themselves and ensure that transactions are securely signed? They will also discuss how fragmentation of the global financial system can be avoided in the context of such rapid innovation, and debate which CBDC model - interoperability, interlinking and single global platform - is most likely to win out in the future.

  • Joy Macknight, editor, The Banker
  • David Kretz, Bank of America
  • Lewis Sun, HSBC
  • David Treat, Accenture
  • Evelien Witlox, European Central Bank

Sibos Industry Session - moderated by The Banker


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12:30 BST: Banks need a crypto-asset strategy

While the use of crypto assets is growing, it’s possible that its growth to date has been hampered by an absence of clear crypto-asset strategies from banks.

We discuss how banks can add value for customers and generate revenue by acting as a bridge between the fiat and digital asset environments.

  • Joy Macknight, editor, The Banker
  • Mishal Ruparel, Banking Circle

The Banker Fresh Perspectives, in association with Banking Circle 




12:30 BST: Powering payments: the dawning of a data-rich era

Better payments data cannot be achieved by any one institution alone; it must be adopted in a coordinated way across the payments ecosystem. As the industry converges on a new standard of messaging, join the panel of industry experts as they explore the challenges, risks and long-term benefits in the move to richer and more structured data.

  • Liz Lumley, deputy editor, The Banker
  • Nish Dharmaratne, Westpac
  • Richard Dzina, The Clearing House
  • Dimitri Pattyn, European Central Bank
  • Marc Recker, Deutsche Bank

Sibos Industry Session - moderated by The Banker

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15:00 BST: View from Sibos Day 1

The Banker covers the key discussions from the conference through a video interview series with industry figures and policy-makers.

Key discussion points: 

  • Harnessing big data
  • Financial inclusion
  • Managing emerging risk
  • Banking-as-a-service

The Banker’s View from Sibos is your ideal guide before, during and after the conference. 

The Banker View from Sibos, in association with Bank of America 



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